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February 27th, 2020

Open Your Mouth and Speak While You Still Can
by Coach Dave Daubenmire

The internet has been the bane of Western Civilization.

Although we are thankful for many of the advancements in technology that make our lives so much more convenient, the truth is that same technology is responsible for further silencing the mouth of the nearly mute silent majority.

Internet censorship, especially against Christian and conservative voices, is at an all time high and it seems as if there is no relenting in the Left’s desire to silence any voice with which they do not agree.

Although the tolerance crowd loves to yap their trap about everyone having a voice, they are the most intolerant of all of God’s creatures.  If you are not willing to toe the tolerant party line be sure that your opinion is headed to the valley of forgetfulness, buried along with the conscience of a nation and the Voice of Almighty God.

Christian, you are God’s voice in this sea of diversity and your duty to speak is more critical now than at any time in American History.  Your voice matters.  Your voice carries weight.  Your voice is needed if we are to right the voyage of this Good Ship America.

Silence isn’t golden, it is yellow. If silence was such a noble characteristic why do our friends on the Left not employ the same practices when they try to jam their opinions down our throats? Who said that Christians are the ones who always need to turn the other cheek? Do you know anyone who ever won a debate via silence? Why are we so afraid to speak our mind?

Where were you taught that only those on the Left were able to freely speak their minds?  When was the last time you heard someone on the Left referred to as a “Christiphobe, bigot, racist, or sexist?” Why have we permitted the arguments to become so one-sided? Why is it that Christians are forced to play by a different set of rules?  Why do we agree to it?  Why do we let the bullies bully us?

Although none of the names that they call me fit me, the question I have for them is “So what if I am?”  Am I allowed to be?  Is it against the law for me to be a bigot…or homophobe…or sexist…or racist?  Who gets to be the determiner of which point of view is acceptable?

Just to make sure that we are on the same page, bigot is defined “a  person who is obstinately and unreasonably wedded to a particular religious creed, opinion, practice or ritual.”  Being a bigot is not necessarily a bad thing.  In fact, there are black bigots and white bigots.  Homo bigots and hetero bigots. Climate change bigots and climate denier bigots.  Christian bigots and anti-Christian bigots.  Jewish bigots and anti-Jewish bigots.  Trump bigots and never-Trump bigots.  Bernie bigots and anti-Bernie bigots.

Bigotry in itself is not a bad thing. Bigotry simply identifies a belief system. I personally am VERY bigoted against onions, snakes, and stupid people….regardless of their color.  I hate sin.  I hate lies.  I hate bad breath.  I am a proud bigot.  You should be too.

The same goes for racists and phobes.  “Homo” can mean either “same” or “man.”  I am not afraid of things that are the same and I generally am not afraid of men.  So, I don’t even know what a homophobe is.  I guess it is just a name they use to scare us into silence.

Plus there is only one race…human.  Skin color does not determine “race” it determines ethnicity.  All humans are part of the Human Species.  Black is not a race, it is a skin color.  So is white…and yellow…and brown.  “IST” is simply a suffix of a word that shows what someone practices…like a machinist, apologist, socialist, or rapist.  So a racist identifies someone who practices race…human I assume.  The study of humans is quite interesting.

The Left uses so many made-up terms.  “Fake words” I think President Trump would call them.  But the problem isn’t the fake words.  The problem is who gets to determine when and where the fake words apply.  I am tired of living by someone else’s standards.  Sorry, but who said the social justice warriors are the arbiters of right and wrong for all spectrums of the rainbow?  (Am I allowed to use the rainbow?)

Well, I am sick of the double standard.  I think homosexuals are heterophobic, humanists are Godophobic, Democrats are Trumpophobic, feministst are masculiphobic, and blacks are caucasphobic.

Political disagreements are not phobias and opinions about others are not illegal.  In fact, some of the harshest judgments I ever hear uttered are criticisms of those who claim to be Christians.  Non-Christians are perfectly free to “judge” Christians but Christians are never free to “judge” non-Christians.  Calling a Christian “deplorable” is perfectly acceptable but calling a homosexual a sodomite is bigoted.  Can somebody help me here?

Folks, America is the “Land of the Free and the home of the Brave.”  When we stop being brave we will no longer be free.  Don’t let the Left put words in your mouth.  If your words are not free then your thoughts are not free.  It is time to stop letting the Left set all the ground rules for how we will live together.   What is good for the goose is good for the gander.  Fight fire with fire.

To hell with the speech police.  Open your mouth and speak.

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