They were once known as the “Friendly Skies.”  They no longer are.  My wife and I were denied a flight we had already paid for.  It happened last Monday on a flight home from a ministry trip to Wausau, Wisconsin.

Life has a way of challenging us, doesn’t it?  Just two weeks ago I wrote an article entitled, “I Ain’t Wearing No Stinkin’ Mask.”  You can read it here.  I warned in the article that you better get prepared to push back against the tyranny being brought on by the Covid PLANdemic.

This is not about a virus.  It is about forced compliance.  Laugh if you so choose…pooh pooh those who warn of forced compliance leading to a more sinister end if you choose…but the chickens are coming home to roost.

Winston Churchill famously warned us on the doorstep of WWII.

“If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without bloodshed;if you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly; you maycome to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.” —Winston Churchill

What will it take to convince you that America is already at war?  Unfortunately, only one side is fighting.  Most God-fearing Americans are reluctant to admit how sinister the dark side really is.  Underestimating the enemy is a sure way to get one’s clock cleaned.  At what point will you be willing to fight?  When will enough be enough for you?  Do you really believe re-electing Donald Trump will make this all go away?

I ain’t wearing no stinkin’ mask…even if it means being banned from flying.  Here is the story.

Last Thursday my wife Michele and I flew United out of Columbus, Ohio for an event in Wisconsin, which included a lay-over in Chicago.  As is commonplace today we were greeted at the terminal door with signs telling us that mask use was MANDATORY when entering the airport.  The signs were everywhere.

Michele and I do not wear masks.  We both have medical and religious reasons why we refuse to put them on.  Normally no one hassles us when we politely explain.  THERE IS NO MANDTORY MASK LAW anywhere in America.  Businesses can not refuse to serve you if you have a religious or medical reason for your non-compliance.  That is called discrimination.

In fact, Federal Law prevents them from even questioning you (READ) if you have a MEDICAL or RELIGIOUS reason for the objection.  It is a violation of your Civil Rights if they ask for additional information or proof of your condition.

No one in the Columbus airport questioned us about masks.  No one at the United check in mentioned masks.  We went through the TSA anal examine mask-less. Signs were everywhere explaining that masks were mandatory, yet no one enforced it. We boarded the plane in CMH, walked down the ramp onto the plane, located our seats, and flew the hour-long trip to Chicago.  Drinks were not served but the kind stewardess did give us a cookie.  No one mentioned masks.

We walked off the plane in O’Hare airport and moved to the gate for our flight to Wausau.  Nearly all of people in the airport were wearing masks but Michele and I did not.  We arrived at the gate and waited 45 minutes for our departure.  No one said a word to us about our uncovered faces.

We boarded the plane when summoned by the gate agent.  We walked onto the plane with our carry-on bags and found our seats.  Up to this point NO ONE in two different airports had questioned us about our exposed faces.

Once on board our flight to Wausau an extremely bossy and authoritarian stewardess began to chastise Michele and I regarding our mask.  She ordered us to put them on or leave the plane.  Michele politely responded that she had a medical exemption and showed the stewardess the exemption card she wears around her neck.  The stewardess REFUSED to even look at it and once again threatened to call security to remove us from the plane.  We did not comply.

Soon the Captain was standing at our seat asking us to comply.  He was kind and considerate.  We told him we would put on a mask since he had asked us in a respectful manner but made it clear that we were doing it under duress.  The flight took off as scheduled.  No delay.  No commotion.  No disturbance…just a very rude stewardess acting like a dictator…proudly trampling our rights.  Flight ended, we deplaned, story over.

Fast forward to Monday morning at 8 am.  Michele and I arrived at the United desk to check in for our flight home.  The lady at the counter told us that there was a problem.  A thug showed up and told us that we would not be flying “today” because of the disturbance that we had caused on our previous flight.  “Multiple disruptions” he informed us.  I asked him if we had the right to face our accuser.  “Not today.  You won’t be flying today.”  End of story. No refund.  Have a good day.

We rented a car and drove the 8 hours home.

During our time in Wausau we received several text messages from United advising us about checking in online as we prepared for our flight home.  Not once did they warn us that our flight might be in jeopardy so we could have been prepared for our encounter at the airport.  No warning.  No flight.  Left standing at the counter holding our bags.

We will be taking legal action, but this was merely a dry run for what is coming.  Soon you will not be able to shop for food, buy gasoline, go to the Dr., or live your life without some type of Government mandated compliance.  It all started 19 years ago with the Patriot Act after 911.

Take off your shoes, let the TSA pat you down, steal your belongings because it does not meet their rules for flying, face recognition, cell phone spying, Governmental compliance.

Muslims do not have to remove their face coverings why should Christians have to put them on?

BTW, did you know that the most dangerous place in the airport is the restroom?  Feces spread COVID.  Millions of particles are released into the air during a bowel movement.  Did Dr. Fauci tell you that?  Is there a restroom on the airplane?  Hmmm?  Evidently, we need gas masks in restrooms.

I will not be flying anymore.  I have had enough of it.  America used to be free.  Now America is fearful.  Tyranny has become normal.  It will only get worse.

Where will you draw the line?  Airplanes today, automobiles tomorrow.  The “Land of the free and the home of the brave” is perishing.

Where will you draw the line?  I have drawn mine.  Screw United Airlines.

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