I know a lot of white guys who don’t think like me.  Where did we ever come up with the idea that all members of a certain racial group are supposed to think the same way?  Who was the author of this “group think” paradigm that seems to control all of our political debate?

Chris Cuomo is white…I think…and I don’t agree with hardly anything he says.  Joe Scarbough, Anderson Cooper, Joe Biden, Bill DiBlasio, and nearly every white member of the leadership of the Democrat Party hold direct polar-opposite views to most of the white boys that I hang around.  Why is it we don’t expect all white people to think and vote the same?

I can’t for the life of me understand why we are supposed to believe that all black folk are supposed to think the same.  Isn’t that bigotry?  Isn’t that a classic example of bias?  Would it be safe to say that to label ALL black men as LIBERALS would be stereotyping?  Why is it racist to accuse black folk of liking fried chicken but not racist to assume they all love Joe Biden?

The homosexual mafia loves to tell us that there is a “gay gene” and that all sexual deviants are “born that way” but evidently there is a black gene that makes all black men think the same way.  Although I have never heard that reasoning used to explain the monolithic 90% vote for Democrats by black Americans, perhaps some geneticist should undertake a study on why all black people vote and think the same way.

Is it possible that black Americans like Clarence Thomas, Thomas Sowell, Mychal Massie, Candice Owens, Larry Elder, and others aren’t “Uncle Toms” but victims of a mental disorder?  Could it be that they were born without the “Negro gene” that actually makes one think for themselves?  Could conservative black Senator Tim Scott of Georgia actually be suffering from a birth defect?

Are all black Americans required to like the same sports teams?  Does being born black require one to prefer a particular fast food chain over another?  Are blacks permitted the privilege of being “pro-choice” when it comes to selecting the cars they drive, the town they will live in, the music they enjoy, or where they will go on vacation?

Is it only politics where blacks are genetically hard-wired and void of personal opinions and choices?  Can you think of ANYTHING that 90% of white people agree on?  Yet 90% of black Americans will pull the lever for a candidate from the Democrat Party.

Would it be xenophobic to ask the if blacks “were born that way?”

This all came to head for me today when my daily morning show was booted off of both Facebook and YouTube for “content” violations.  And what, you may ask, was the content that I provided that was so outside the purview of the high standards of those two media bigots?

Log onto either Facebook or YouTube and see if you can find any videos of George Floyd being murdered?  Search and see if you can locate any videos of violence being perpetrated in our major cities.  Look real hard and see if you can discover any postings about Covid 19 and the deadly consequences associated with it.  See if you can find any supporters of the BLM movement.  Those issues all pass community muster.

What was on my show that was so diabolically damaging that the two major social media platforms had to protect the viewers from seeing?  Why, I showed video of a BLACK….AFRICAN…FEMALE…DOCTOR who was sounding the alarm that there was a cure for COVID 19.  She named names.  She called out the FAKE Doctors and their FAKE studies.

That’s right.  Dr. Stella Immanuel was crying out to America that there was nothing to be afraid of!!  There is a cure for Covid 19 and it does not require a vaccination.  Watch her here!!  She has treated 350 patients and NONE OF THEM HAVE DIED.

Did I mention that she was BLACK?  She certainly must have lost her mind.  The media is doing everything they can to discredit her because black Americans are not allowed to have independent thoughts and ideas.  Where is BLM?  Where are the Congressional Black Caucus?  Why won’t they come to the defense of this wonderful CHRISTIAN woman who is being destroyed in the media?  Why won’t they point out the discrimination against this BLACK Doctor?

Dr. Immanuel is what they call in the business a “twofer.”  Not only is she anti big-pharma but God forbid she is a PASTOR!!  She believes the government is using fear to manipulate the people for nefarious reasons.  OFF WITH HER HEAD!  A Black…woman…preacher…doctor who can think for herself?  That certainly violates ALL of the community standards of both Fake-book and YouTube.  She is obviously the victim of some type of mental derangement because it violates “community standards” that society has set for plantation minded blacks.  What is the standard it violates?  Blacks are not permitted to think for themselves.

Not all black people matter to the Left.  In fact, very few do.  BLM and their communist associates are only interested in the black people that they can use and manipulate.

This may be hard for you to believe but I have many black friends.  They are wonderful human beings.  Most are embarrassed by the behavior they see portrayed on American newscasts and the negative light they cast all blacks under. The Communist Democrats want you to believe that blacks are too stupid to think for themselves.  They need “political” white men and women to tell them how to think and how to vote.

Black Conservatives don’t matter.  The LEFT hates them.  They hate their independent attitude.  They hate their love of Jesus.  They hate that they aren’t full of hate. They want us to believe all blacks hate America.  Group think.  It simply isn’t true.

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