Injustice in Small Town America

Oct 10, 2019

I apologize for the vulgar nature of this article but there is no other way to make the point.

Can you imagine an assault taking place ANYWHERE in America where a Christian white man called his victim a “black M***Fer” after he had punched him in the jaw?

What if it had been done to a Muslim and the white Christian male had called the victim a “Muslim M***Fer.”

Or what if a homosexual had been assaulted by a white Christian Trump supporter who called the victim a “gay M***Fer” after he punched him.

Better yet, can you imagine the outrage if the white Christian puncher called the punchee a “Jewish M***Fer” after bruising his jaw?

Can you imagine the assault being caught on tape and the evidence being presented to the police? Can you imagine the publicity and outrage that such an assault would illicit? Can you imagine the screams of outrage from the always-the-victim race baiters among the ambulance chasing legal predators?

Can you image the outrage if the charges were dropped against that white Christian Trump supporter because the actions of the black, Muslim, homosexual, or Jew had “provoked” the white Christian to anger?

The ACLU and their bevy of hired legal guns would be frothing at the mouth in anticipation of devouring this obviously bigoted white Trump deplorable.  The Southern Poverty Law Center would be demanding “Equal Justice” and a hefty paycheck from the white Christian Trump supporter for the obvious HATE crime that he had perpetrated on the victim simply because of his race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or religion.

George Step-all-over-us would be leading the ABC News with the story.  CNN would be holding round-the-clock witch hunts.  Rachelle Mad-cow and the MSNBC audience would be turning the town upside down looking for other bigots lurking in the shadows of small town America.  Maxine Watters and all of the Congressional minorities’ caucus would be calling for the heads of every elected official in the  small town to be prosecuted for allowing such bigotry to exist.

You get the picture.   It happens every day in America.  It is part of our cultural brainwashing.

But this really did happen right here in the good ole USA to a couple of buddies of mine.  Except they were the one’s assaulted.  That’s right.  Two white Christian Trump supporting friends of mine were assaulted outside the small town of Fayetteville, West Virginia.

It seems that Alan Hoyle and Mark Trump had the audacity to show up at what used to be known as the BOY SCOUT JAMBOREE and raise awareness of the fact that the once “morally straight” Boy Scouts had been captured by the immoral LEFT.  Not only were the scouts no longer morally straight, they weren’t even called boys.   SCOUTS was their new name and instead of passing out merit badges they were now handing out condoms.  That’s right.  Check it out here.

So Alan and Mark and a couple of their buddies showed up on a public street outside the entrance of the World Jamboree and pleaded with the Scouts to return to sanity. For that, they were attacked, assaulted, and had some of their signs vandalized.  Here is the video of the assault.  It is only 1 minute. LANGUAGE WARNING.

The police were called.  The man was arrested and charged, and Alan and Mark both drove over 4 hours on Monday for a meeting with the Asst Prosecutor in Fayetteville County West Virginia.  The Attorney, Liz Campbell, dropped all charges against the assailant because, as Mark Trump told me, the signs they were holding provoked the assailant to violence.  In other words, they DESERVED it.  In fact, Liz Campbell threatened Mark that he should be charged with a crime for even holding the signs in public.  So much for free speech.

What were the signs that were so offensive?  It seems that Attorney Campbell did not appreciate the Pro-life signs that the men were holding.  Those signs, she alleged, provoked this otherwise kind assailant into acting out.  Therefore, Mark and Alan deserved what they got.

Now…go back and read the four examples listed at the beginning of this commentary.  Unequal justice is so common in America that we don’t even recognize it when we see it, until it happens to YOU!!  What if Mark and Alan had been tranny lovers holding an equal marriage sign?  Would my aggravation be an excuse for knocking their teeth out?

Taking rights from one and giving them to another does not make justice equal.  We have a legal system but we do not have a justice system.  Hack elected officials become judge, jury and executioner.  It hasn’t just happened in Washington DC, but it has oozed all of the way down The Appalachian Mountains to once-almost heaven, West Virginia.

We are working with Alan and Mark to restore justice for them.  It is our Christian duty.

Micah 6:8 “He hath shown thee, O man, what is good: and what doth the LORD require of thee, but TO DO JUSTLY, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God”

Dr. King told us in his letter from the Birmingham jail, “injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere.”   Are you watching the double-standard legal system in America?  Aren’t you sick of it yet?  Are you willing to help us fight for justice?

Everywhere you look the Left is provoking God fearing Americans to action.  If that action turns violent will it be fair to point the finger at the Left for being provocateurs?  Maybe Flip Wilson was right all along.  Can we just tell them that the Devil made me do it…?