It is Time to Legalize Jesus

Aug 8, 2019

Americans need Jesus. That’s not a slogan that is the Truth.  Much of the debauchery and death that America is wallowing in is a late 20th Century phenomenon.  The rank evil on display in this nation can be traced directly to the criminalization of Christ.

Jesus is not simply the God/man, but He is the Savior of the World.  Sadly, in all of our worship of materialism here in the early 21st Century, the Biblical Jesus has morphed into nothing more than a spiritual guide who came to earth to make our existence here more comfortable.

According to today’s culture Jesus is just one of many wise men who can help you navigate through the channels of life.  For nearly forty years multiculturalism has taught our school children that there were many paths to heaven and many ways to live a fulfilling life.

But Jesus claimed exclusivity to the term GOD.   He is the only “spiritual guide” to have told us that He was THE way, THE Truth, and THE life.  No one, He told us, comes to the Father except through him.  Mohammed is dead.  So is Buddha, and all of the other imposters headlining multi-culturalism.  ONLY Jesus offered ETERNAL LIFE.

For nearly 400 years that is what we taught exclusively to our children.  Although the argument can be made that America was not founded as a Christian nation there can be no doubt that it was a nation founded by Christians.  And even though the Constitution guaranteed “freedom of religion,” that freedom did not give the individual American the right or permission to overthrow heaven.

The real coup that has been pulled on America is the criminalization of the Name of Christ.

The term “God” is a universal term.  In fact, The Almighty himself acknowledged the existence of “other gods” and told us that He would not tolerate any other gods before Him.  “GOD BLESS AMERICA” I hear people say, especially around the patriotic holidays.

But which God are they referring to?  Which God do we want to bless America?  Which God rules and reigns over the entire universe?

Jesus is His Name.  Almighty God incarnate.  Emanuel, God with us.  “For there is no other name under heaven given among men, whereby we might be saved.”  Acts 4:12

Why are Christians afraid to use that Name?  Why do our elected officials refuse to use that name when they pray publicly?  Why have Christians so faltered in our duty to “lift up the name of Jesus,” for at the Name of JESUS “every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.”   Why are we ashamed to use that Name?

We need to legalize Jesus.  We need to stand up and push back against the forces of darkness.  Jesus himself told us that if I be lifted up I will draw all men unto me.”  At what point does the American church come out of hiding and fight to decriminalize the Christ?

With the latest shootings we once again her the secularists cry for “gun control” as if regulating inanimate objects will somehow solve our problems.  America has heart problems.  Americans have a sin problem.   We need self control, not gun control.

American is awash with darkened hearts.  It used to be the job of our schools, in conjunction with our churches, to teach our children right from wrong.  But with the dastardly decision of the US Supreme Court in Everson V Board of Education, the Demonic lie of “the separation between the Church and State” was birthed out of the gates of hell and launched an all out assault on all things Christian.

Slowly, Jesus was criminalized, and the very foundations upon which our nation was founded shattered like a rock through a window pane and destroyed the morality upon which all America’s children would be educated. When there was no longer JESUS as king over America “everyone began to do what is right in his own eyes.”

Well the chickens are coming home to roost.  Americans no longer share a common language, a common heritage, or a common God.  Jesus is just one of the home boys.

Jesus will not be mocked.  Whatever we reap we will sow and I am sorry to say that there is going to be a whole lot of weepin’ over what we will be reapin’.  Perhaps when all of the dust settles, wise men will once again rise to the challenge and daub the foundational walls that held this nation together.

Doesn’t your heart break over the condition of this nation?  Don’t you lament over the cesspool in which your children and grandchildren have to swim?  The god-haters have been engaged in a four-decade full court press against the Christ and we find ourselves standing on a very shaky ledge.  Jumping off or fighting back are our only choices.  Which one will you choose?

A return to Biblical morality is the only hope for our nation.  When all of the walls tumble down around us we must rebuild this nation with the One Eternal standard that has stood the test of time.  Don’t Christians believe in Truth?

It is time to release Jesus from socialist jail.   He is the world’s only hope.  Why in the name of all things Holy won’t the church shake off its apathy and push back against the forces of darkness?  If Jesus is King of Kings how do you separate Him from government?   He is either Lord of all or not Lord at all.

Our children are lost.  Immorality rules the day.  The church sits silently and prays for the evacuation.  How can a nation survive such chaos?

It is time to legalize Jesus once again.