Meet the New Boss…Not Like the Old Boss

Nov 22, 2019

It appears complicated when we try to analyze what is going on in the Impeachment Inquiry in Washington.  There are so many moving parts that it is nearly impossible to see the connections.  Much of what is going on is simply bait and switch.

But because the average American does not have the time or the interest to follow the charade it becomes doubly difficult for them to keep their eye on the ball. 

Confusion is one of the weapons that the dark side is relying on.  They are devious enough to realize that the average American has no understanding of the difference between Russia and The Ukraine.  Many Americans think that The Ukraine issue is simply a continuation of the Russia investigation.  They believe that Russia and The Ukraine are actually the same country.

As a result, many folks view the current show-trial in DC as nothing more than a continued investigation into the Russia scandal.  The Democrats have played to this ignorance masterfully. 

But the real issue is much simpler than that.  What we see happening in the Swamp is no different from what has probably happened in your working career.  There is a new boss in the office and the employees are concerned about the change.  Human beings do not like change.  They want to make sure that their life is not going to be disrupted by the new kid on the block.  Most have spent entire careers nestling down in their cozy positions and they are very concerned about a new boss rearranging the furniture in their department.

They want to be sure that the new boss is the same as the old boss.  They hate disruption.

But Donald Trump is different.  This new boss is like nothing they have ever seen and the entire establishment way of doing things is under direct attack.  His America-first approach is foreign to the career paper pushers who fear losing their cushy positions and the many benefits they have worked so hard to secret away.

Most of my adult career was spent in the field of athletics.  There is no other business where the turnover in the position of CEO is as common as in the sports world.  Coaches are often fired mid-season if the team is not winning.  Just study big time athletics and you will see how short lived the position of head coach is.

The President of the United States is the Head Coach of America.  If all goes well he will hold the job for eight years.  Like athletics, if the coach gets fired during the season the players still remain in their positions. Changing coaches is a fast way to change the direction of the team.

But government is different.  Most team members are not loyal to the head coach but rather to the system.  Career politicians tend to hold their jobs regardless of who occupies the Oval Office.  In fact, the employees like it when they are able to pick their own new boss.  Electing “their guy” is good because it usually keeps the apple cart from being tipped over.

Do you ever watch what happens in the NFL when the old coach gets fired?  The new coach “cleans house” because he wants to be sure that all of the coaches working for his team are loyal to HIM and not simply to the franchise.  Assistant coaches advance on the merit system.  If the head coach is successful the assistants know that their chances of advancement increase as well.  Loyalty to the Head Coach is far more important than loyalty to the system.

Government promotion is different than sports.  Advancement in government is cronyism, while advancement in the sports world is tied to merit.  Career government employees have learned to “play the system” and the last thing they are looking for is some “new boss” who might come in and disrupt their plan.  Generally, government employees are loyal to a system or ideology.   They couldn’t care less who the new boss is as long as he doesn’t disrupt the cozy arrangement that they have worked their entire career to cash in on.

The last thing they want is a new boss that isn’t the same as the old boss. 

Polls show that upwards of 80% of government employees vote for the status quo.  They prefer Hillary or one of the Bushes over some orange haired outsider.  Trump understands business, not government. Hence, he is not trusted.  He is a threat to the Swamp’s security.  They don’t want a new boss, just a new face…any face…as long has he has experience in “government.”

The truth is plain for those who have eyes to see.  Government is an organism unto itself which has nothing to do with the governing of the American people.  The goal of Government is the advancement of government.  It is not focused on “we, the people.”  Government employees protect the government.  We think they are protecting us.

President Trump is getting very little support from his own party because both parties are not designed to serve the people.  The ever-increasing advancement of government is their job and their PERSONAL wealth and power is their main focus.  Government produces nothing.  They are fearful that President Trump is going to break up their club.

The Constitution requires a new boss at least every eight years.  The swamp doesn’t mind a new boss as long as he comes out of the same incestuous governmental breeding ground.

Big Government is Big Business and there are a lot of hands in the cookie jar.  Me thinks many government officials have cookie stains on their hands and Donald Trump is the ultimate Cookie Monster.

It really is not any more complicated than that.