Send in the Clowns

Oct 17, 2019

A group of us showed up outside the Democrat debate in Westerville, Ohio last night.  It was held on the campus of my Alma Mater, Otterbein College.  Methodist affiliated Otterbein was once a Christian University.  Like so many others it has been infiltrated by the enemies of the cross.  Otterbein now prides itself on being “Progressive.”  That is code for homo friendly.

I saw my first ever homosexual there my freshman year in 1971.  Being from a small town I had never even heard of one.  That’s what we called them in 1971.  Homosexuals.   That was before they convinced us they were gay…back when rainbows were a sign from God.

Today, Otterbein leads the way in the destruction of the Christian American moral standard.  Tolerance and acceptance now trump fire and brimstone at this Methodist College.  This once honorable institution of higher learning is now a debased bastion of lower living.

You can view some short videos on my Facebook page.

Once I got home I reviewed the debate online.  These are my notes from what I witnessed on the ground, in person last night.

What happened to the kids in cages on the border? No mention from any of the candidates.

What about Russian collusion? Nada. Or Mueller…Comey…Steele Dossier…

Has anyone heard from Blasey-Ford or the skinny kid from the Parkland shooting?

Where are Omarosa and that stripper slut the media fed us for months?

Where is the creepy lawyer Avenati and his lawyer buddy Michael Cohen? No mention.

They can’t win at the ballot box so on to the next made up scandal.

The Democrats sent in the clowns last night. Where were the clowns?

On the stage at Otterbein College which now proudly promotes the Devil’s agenda.

 I stood face to face with the CNN traitor Jeff Zucker…eyeball to eyeball. He is a midget. Shorter than me. I’m 5’7” on a tall day. On the scene doing his best to overthrow an election. He’ll soon be looking for a job but needs to call in some favors to stay out of jail.  

Saw many “media” stars.  Skinny jean betas.  Tattooed dykes without their bikes. Old liberal “experts” we see on CNN who were dressed in self-importance. They felt uncomfortable out with the serfs.

The supporters of the Left were a collection of special interest groups bused in from who knows where…miscreants…freaks…commies…baby killers…witches…for real. I was there. Saw it with my own eyes.

Young kids…twenty some-things.  Socialists.  America haters. The fruits of government education.  Stupid chants.  “This is what democracy looks like.”  Poor civics..

“Love trumps hate.”  If so, why is the Left so hateful?  Sex is not love and love is not sex.

Saw a sign that said, “I am voting for the next Democrat President…whoever SHE is.”  I called her out.  “Stop miss gendering.  She could be a he…or a they.”  She flipped me off.

Sorry you missed the clown show.

How can any moral, sane, thinking person ever vote for a Demon Crat? Anyone over 30 and straight would have been ashamed to be seen with them.

Republicans aren’t much better but at least they are smart enough to vote against the Demonically controlled opposition party.That is not a typo. They are Demonic. They love killing preborn babies. What could be more Devil-like than that?

 There was NOT ONE candidate on stage that will stand up for babies. Yet many of my Catholic friends vote for them because their father was a Demoncrat.  Group think. Worse than the race baiters. Claiming to be prolife and voting for baby murderers.

SMH. Probably following the fake Pope. He’s a commie as well.

The Deplorables are fighting back.  Many local Trump supporters showed up. Bunches of MAGA hats.  Moms and Pops are starting to push back.  Trump trucks  and Trump  flags everywhere.  Middle class America is pissed.

Sorry folks. Call me a bigot. I know what I saw. Just calling them like I see them. It’s called free speech spurred by free thought.

Too bad others are afraid to be called names by the real bigots on the Left.

 The TRUTH sounds like hate to those who hate the Truth.

Let the name calling begin. Slander is all they have in their arsenal. I don’t hate anyone…I just love TRUTH.

My wife and I had a ball.  Toying with Demoncrats is easy.  They can’t think logically.  That’s why they chant slogans.   Send in the clowns.

Don’t bother…they’re here.