praying with woman who saved her babyCoach Dave,

I just wanted to say thank you for helping to open my eyes to this tragedy unfolding daily in our communities.  I knew about it, but did not feel like I could make a difference alone.  I remember a wise man once telling me that God doesn’t call the equipped, He equips the called.  Friday night as I contemplated our protest, I thought to myself, I don’t know what to do or say, I don’t have any signs…  With a few good friends and my Bible we went in faith Saturday morning to pray for God to intervene in the lives of the unborn and their mothers.

The good news was there were several good pastors and priests, men and women from the community, who heard the clarion call to action.  We estimated that over 300 people were present, peacefully singing and praying for Gods intervention. I know it was a very emotional day for all us as we were hurting for the women we saw coming out to be picked up after their ‘procedure.’  Several of them were pale and not able to talk, but some were just crying as the emotional pain began to set in as the realization of what they had done was irreversibly marked upon their memories.

At one point a car come whipping into the parking lot and you could see a confused and angry looking man in his mid 20’s and a young 20-something girl.  She exits the car and heads into the building.  You could hear the pleas from some of the protesters begging her to reconsider what she was about to do.  The young man exits his car and paces around in an upset manner. Our group began to huddle and pray for the baby.  We prayed passionately and asked God to intervene.

I look around and before we knew it the young man was talking to a few of the prayer warriors including one of my friends, Ron, in the parking lot.  A few of us rushed over to where he was and he said he asked God to give him a sign today and he knew it was God who sent the protesters.  So he texted his girlfriend inside, but he said they had already taken her into the back.  Debbie Holly, one of the prayer warriors, cried out to him and said, “Go get her!” at which point he ran inside and retrieved the girl!  There was clapping and cheering from the crowd, and rightfully so: a baby was saved and a decision for life was made!!!

After sharing the gospel of Jesus with him and giving him hope in our Lord, we prayed together. Although I won’t go into details of his personal situation, I will tell you that he needs your serious and ongoing prayers and any support you’re willing to share.

I know some of the women were sharing with his girlfriend and will continue to reach out to her.  Before they left I gave him some lunch money and told him how much he was loved and that we were there for him. We literally huddled around him, his wife, my wife, and a few others to pray for them and sent them off with God’s blessings and protection.  That young man texted me later that evening and said, “U have no idea what this money means to me.  On top of your generosity, and I’m confident it’s with the Lord’s LOVE, I’ve found a little light in this world…”

We set out on Saturday to be Salt and Light, and our rescued family confirmed that we did just that!  Praise be to God!!!

I am very proud of all of the people who came Saturday.  A special thanks to Iris Bigueur with St Frances X Cabrini Church for her coordination efforts. I don’t know all of the churches that participated, but there was a feeling of harmony and community the whole time we were there.  With so many choices for people to make, especially on a Saturday, you chose to come and make a difference—and we did!  The battle is not over, folks, but with God’s help it is just beginning!  Let the rise of the ACTS church begin!

God bless you all!

Your Brother in Christ,