Take Off the Muzzle and Bark

Dec 11, 2020

By Dave Daubenmire | December 9, 2020

Masks do not work. You just think they do. Like the dumbest of sheep, a multitude of Americans walk around like zombies in blind obedience to an evil cabal intent on stripping all liberty from the citizens of the United States.

The ghouls behind this PLANNED-demic are sitting around their corporate board rooms chuckling at how easy it was to gain total control over a mind-numbed citizenry. This entire lock-down has never been about a virus, my friends. It has been about conditioning the American people to blindly obey the edicts of a totally out of control government.

I am sorry if you cannot see it. If you are amenable enough so that you will blindly obey illegal government edicts without any pushback you will be one of the first that the Bible refers to as “sheep led to the slaughter.”

Permit me to make two points before I get to my action point.

Masks do not prevent you from getting the virus. I don’t want to argue with you. I will present the evidence and then let you make you own choices. Here. Here and here. In fact, masks amplify the effects of other illnesses. Four members of my family have had COVID…whatever that means, “having COVID” …and they ALL WORE MASKS AT WORK.

It is a muzzle not a mask. “They” do not want you communicating with one another for fear that you might figure out what is going on. Why do you think abortion clinics are essential and open, but churches are not essential and closed? You can get an abortion but not a haircut. Wake the hell up!!

It is all conditioning folks. All designed to get you to comply so you can show everyone how thoughtful you are. It violates the 9th commandment. If you know masks do not work and you wear one just so everyone knows you are “nice” you are bearing false witness against your neighbor.

Point two. Death rates are actually down in America in 2020. Oh Yeah! Read it and weep Cowboy. If COVID was killing more people wouldn’t you expect the death rates to climb? Why haven’t they? Because they are attributing other deaths to COVID. Folks are dying WITH COVID, not FROM COVID. The virus simply magnified the health problems people were already struggling with. If there was a PANDEMIC, the number of deaths would be greatly increased. They are not. More people ARE NOT DYING!!

Look at College Sports. Ohio State had their 2nd game cancelled this week because so many Michigan players tested positive…whatever that means… for COVID. Should we expect all those players to die? If a player gets killed while wearing his shoes while driving do we blame the shows for his death? What does it even mean to HAVE COVID? If they stopped testing for it most people would never know they had it. Do you need a test to tell you when you are sick? Why doesn’t everyone have to take an AIDS test? You might have it and never know it. Sorta like COVID.

America is on the verge of financial collapse. The draconian measures forced on us by government officials has destroyed more lives than the virus ever will. Something is extremely fishy in this worldwide PLANNED Demic. Revolution is at our door.

This is leading us someplace dangerous. Compliant sheep are easy to control. Fear is the number one way of controlling people. Soon you will not be able to enter a store, fly on a plane, or visit a relative without a mask. OOOPS…. we are already there. Now they want to cancel Christmas and many of the sheep will dutifully fall in line. Anything to keep from dying from a PLANNED Demic that has not increased the death rate in the nation. Blind guides, Jesus called them. We are sheep falling in a ditch lead by blind, deceivious guides. Throw you “pastor” in ditch…in many cases he is leading the parade.

We are about to execute a plan that we encourage others to follow. Let us begin to organize group arrests in some of these stores that will not let us enter unless muzzled. MASK WEARING IS NOT A LAW! Governors cannot make laws. Health departments cannot make laws. Have we forgotten high school civics? Don’t you know we have inalienable rights? “My body, my choice,” isn’t that what the pro-aborts yell all the time?

Soon we will be organizing groups across the nation. It will require a group of 20 or more to simply walk into a business and REFUSE to put on a mask. Dare them to call the police. Let them arrest all 20 of you and then DEMAND a jury trial. Folks…they are not enforcing laws…they are enforcing ILLEGAL orders. Small businesses are going broke because of these governmental miscreants.

Do not do it alone. Do it as a group. Overwhelm the system. Put a stop to this foolishness.

Shop owners are afraid to open for fear of large fines from the health department. Help them out. Take the pressure from the business owners. VIOLATE the illegal order and win in court. Expose the paper tiger of Health Department edicts. Sue the bastards that are destroying this nation. DEFY THEM!! The time is now.

Look, friends. If you will not say NO to a mask, will you have the courage to say NO to a mandatory needle in the arm? We better fight NOW while we can still win.

Some of my buddies and me are going to go get arrested. Anybody want to join us? Start a push-back in your own hometown. If not me, who? If not now, when? Masks today, Vaccines tomorrow, gun confiscation next week.

Resistance to tyranny is obedience to God. Time is running out. Let us fill up the jails.

Take off the muzzle and bark.

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