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There is going to be a rude awakening before there is a great awakening.”

Those are the words of my friend John Barnett as we travelled to Washington, DC to take part in the MGA rally Jan 6.

Yes, we were there along with nearly a million of our closest friends in another futile attempt to find someone with whom we could satisfactorily redress our grievances regarding the loss of the Republic.

Despite the lies you were fed by the media; you need to know that it was one of the most patriotic events in the history of this nation.  I am proud that I went and proud of the God-fearing Moms and Pops who sacrifice greatly to take part.  The snooze media are scoundrels.  The politicians are scoundrels, and many Christians and Christian leaders are scoundrels for criticizing the efforts of those who journeyed to America’s darkest city simply to have their voices be heard.

Washington is dark.  Spiritually dark.  The memorials are dark.  The architecture is dark.  The atmosphere is dark, and the Government is dark.  It grieves me to say it, but dark forces are in control of this nation.

The FBI visited some of my friends after we returned home.  The FBI put on a full court press in attempt to find those who dared confront the wicked government, even though that is their God-given right spelled out in the First Amendment of our formally respected Constitution.  The FBI couldn’t find Hillary’s emails, Epstein’s passengers, or Bubba NASCAR’s lynch mob.  But they turned over every leaf looking for those who stormed Nancy’s house.

Look, I was there.  I saw it with my own two eyes.  The police stood down, the doors were open, and hundreds of people WALKED into the Capitol believing it was open to the public.  My wife and I did not go in.  We sat on the steps with thousands of Americans simply asking for our country back.  Now many of those God-fearing people are receiving visits from the FBI in their search for MAGA terrorists.  It makes me want to puke.  Don’t we understand that those elected officials work for us?  If they are doing such a stellar job, why did some many plaintiffs go to DC?  

But, back to my buddy John.  We all know that they only solution to the problems that we face in America is a “great awakening” in the hearts of the American people.  But that awakening is not going to come without a “rude awakening” first.  Americans need the proverbial glass of ice water in their face before they wake up and smell the roses.

Permit me to introduce as evidence some truisms that has caused such lethargy in the minds of the average American.

Joe Biden is the deadliest abortion promoter EVER to run for President.  Any CHRISTIAN or CATHOLIC CHRISTIAN who helped place him in office voted against the Will of God.  Abortion is murder.   A Vote for Biden was a vote for murder… period. More babies will die because of your vote.

One is either born a male or a female.  The sex act is a behavior.  People have sex with themselves, blow-up dolls, children, and animals.  Sexual preference, (whatever the hell that means) is a choice; An out-working of the forces of darkness on the mind of the individual.  We used to call it sin…some of us still do…at least for a little while longer.  A man has a penis, and a woman has a vagina.  They work in tandem.  It is science.  

Public schools have become cesspools.  They promote and glorify every form of deviancy known to man.  They teach our children they came from apes.  The teach them that America was founded by bigots for bigots. They teach that there is no God and criminalize the mention of His name. You pay for it.  You pray for your children and them send them to the Hallowed  Hallways of Hell.

The Government is your master.  They tell you what you can and cannot do.  They control you through their partners in the media.  Wear a mask, social distance, say this, don’t say that, register here, pay there, honor this, don’t honor that.  Control this, don’t control that.  Freedom is a façade.  There is little you can do without getting someone’s permission.  Elected officials serve the government, not you.  

Your church is non-essential.  The Government suggested that services be cancelled, and the pastors complied. It will be a year next month.  Thousands of churches will never open again. Is your pastor in it for the Lord, or for the perks?  Look around you.  Christianity has become good for nothing when it comes to impacting the culture.  Churches have become social clubs, saltless, voiceless, edifices built as monument to men.  Go ahead…throw tomatoes at me.

Porn is legal and prayer is not.  Facebook and its cousins censor all things righteous and promote the unfruitful works of darkness.  We lost our voice in the culture long before we lost it on Twitter.  Evil men run America.  We now know the phrase “selected, not elected” is true.  

We chant MAGA…Make America Great Again…but don’t even know what made it great.  In fact, many people don’t think it was ever great…mainly the politicians, the pulpits, and the teacher’s unions.  We traded the Black Robed Regiment for the yellow robed one.  “America is great,” Alexis de Tocqueville said, “because America is good.”  MAGA…Make America GOOD again.  We do not even know what that means…good…anymore.  How the heck can we be great without being good?

None of America’s institutions can be trusted.  All have been corrupted.  There are none righteous…no not one.  Romans 3.

Thomas Jefferson famously said, “I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that his justice cannot sleep forever.”

God is just…hmmm.  That should make us tremble.  Does America even know what that means anymore?  Just…righteous…TRUTH?  

Righteousness exalteth a nation but sin is a reproach to any people.  Prov 13:34.

If someone stole YOUR car would they be right to call it THEIR car?  What about an election?  Can you steal an office and expect honor and authority?  Do you even care about the thievery?

All is well.  Justice begins in the house of the Lord.  It is time for a purging in this mess we call Christianity.

The rude awakening will lead to the Great Awakening.  HIS justice will not sleep forever.  Be of good cheer. Justice is coming.  Mercy follows judgement.

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