Did you know abortion even had a smell?”  — Abby Johnson at the RNC Convention.

I don’t know if I have ever heard anything so profound spoken at a political event in my life.

Abortion has an odor,” I repeated to my wife, who was sitting in the room beside me.  “My God, what a word-picture. How does anyone who has ever been in a medical office not relate to the smells that hang in the air?” Right now, pro-aborts in the Demonic Democrat Party are squealing from the arrow that struck right in the heart of the abortion industry.

Abortion has a smell.  My God.  ABORTION HAS A SMELL !!  It is time to end abortion in America!

It is not just a blob of tissue.  It is not just a “difficult choice between a woman and her Doctor.”  Whether using a sterile medical suction machine or a back-alley clothes hanger, the undeniable truth was exposed for all the world to hear.  Abortion kills.  ABORTION HAS A SMELL.

The stench of death is suffocating America.  The stench waffles across the homes of America and in the silent bedrooms where women struggle to sleep as the sights and sounds of the abortion experience haunt the corners of their minds.

They remember the smell. They remember the sounds. Years later, they are still haunted by the experience…victims of the lies they were told by the ghouls masquerading as friends in the dark recesses of the murder mills.

It is your right to choose…your body, your choice…the baby will not feel anything…the problem will go away once the procedure is over…God understands your dilemma and he will be in the room with you…don’t let this unfortunate pregnancy ruin your future career…it’s not really a baby…no one will ever know…you are not mature enough to raise a child…

Abortion has a smell!!  Death has a stench.  With one brief statement Abby Johnson pulled millions of American women back into the abortion clinic where they had killed their precious child.  They remembered the cold table.  They remembered the stirrups.  They remembered the indifference of the Doctor, the whirl of the vacuum machine, and the smell.  Abortion has a smell.

Her presentation was one of the most impactful moments in American political history.  With one sharp statement she destroyed all of the lies of the lying Left.  Abortion is real.  It is more than a difficult choice between a woman and her Doctor.  It kills a child.  It involves sights and sounds…and odors.  It torments women in their most quiet moments. Truly, abortion has a smell.

Now if only we could get America’s pulpits to inhale deeply.  If only they could catch a whiff of the smell of death circulating through the recycled air of their church building.  How much longer will America’s pulpits cast an indifferent glance at the most hideous sin to ever penetrate the heart of a woman?

I killed my baby,” the women silently cry.  “How can I ever escape the guilt I feel?  How can I ever forgive myself?  How can God ever forgive me?  What kind of woman kills her own child?  Wild animals don’t even do that.”

Why don’t America’s pulpits care?  How can they not understand the destructive nature of abortion and the devastating scars that it leaves on the heart of a mother?  How can they not understand the Biblical premise that “bloodshed follows bloodshed?” 

Violence in the womb leads to violence in the world.  Why can’t our leaders make the connection?  One dead…one wounded…as the sobbing women leave Planned Parenthood.

Blood has a voice.  It cries from the ground.  God hates hands that shed innocent blood.  Why don’t we?  Why don’t our pastors?  How much longer will the American Church look the other way at Government-sanctioned death?   Can’t they smell the death?  Why can’t they smell it?  Do they have cotton in their nostrils?

God smells it.  How can we expect a Holy God to bless a nation whose shepherds look the other way as blood floods the city sewers?  ‘Dumb dogs’ is what Isaiah called them.  Unable to bark.

But dogs can smell.  How can our religious leaders not notice the stench?  How many more women will they permit to fall for the lies?  How many more women will lie awake at night as the smell of death circulates through their minds?

The Church is waiting for the politicians to end abortion.  God is waiting for His Church.  Neither group seems to genuinely care.  Babies die.  Women suffer.  God bless America !!  Forty-seven years of unabated child sacrifice.  Something stinks.

I’ve noticed this week that the RNC convention has been far more Christ-centered than any time in my adult life.  They are serving up more Gospel than most churches.  The Republican Party of the past with it’s Fake Christianity and Fake Pro-life stance has gone by the wayside.  No more McCains or McConnells, Boehners or Bushes; no Romneys or Ryans.

Thank God for an orange man, rejected by the pompous, deemed unfit to serve, injecting the smell of abortion into the minds of America’s mothers.  God works in mysterious ways.  When will be the right time to end the holocaust?

Stop counting on Trump to do it.  Rise up, Christian men.  Take in a deep breath.  It is time to clear the air.

The Devil is devouring our children.  Can’t you smell it?

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