What Do the White Hats Know?

Sep 5, 2019

I used to love watching the old westerns on TV.   That was long before political correctness had taken root in America.  In fact, that was so long ago that there was actually a thing called right and wrong.

There still is today…right and wrong…but there is no longer a common standard by which right and wrong can be determined.  We live in a day when, as the Bible warned us, “everyone did what was right in his own eyes.”

Oprah warned us of this as she slowly metastasized the cancer of tolerance and diversity as one of the new virtues that the multi-headed hydra-monster ‘god” was in favor of.

“God” has become a universal generic term by which all deities are now identified.  The American motto of In God We Trust becomes meaningless unless we ask the simple question…which God?

There was a time in America when that term had universal acknowledgement.  Yahweh, Jehovah, Emmanuel, Jesus Christ were all common names used to identify the “God” who was ruling over America.

Trees, nature, and self are poor substitutes for the God of the Bible.   The First Commandment acknowledges the existence of other gods and specifically states that no other gods will be tolerated.  We used to teach that in our schools.  In God We Trust referred to the Christian God.

Thanks to Oprah and the National Education Association that is no longer the case in America.  As Oprah’s daily show subtly suggested we all need to “seek our own truth.”  The only problem is, there is no such thing as individual truth.  There is only universal Truth encapsulated in the God-man Jesus Christ.

Something is not true simply because you believe it and it certainly is not false simply because you don’t believe it.  Jesus Christ, American school children were once taught, is the embodiment of ALL truth.  Jesus was the Standard of Truth taught for nearly 350 years in “public” schools.

As a result, most Americans no longer share a common set of values, or morals.  In America today the standard is that there is no standard.   Right is wrong and wrong is right.  Everyone is living out “their” truth.  Oprah’s chickens have come home to roost.

But it is deeper than that.  The changing of the guard has been chaotic.  The remnants of Christian America are in a life and death struggle with secular America.  We have evolved from the days of Matt Dillon  and Hoss Cartwright when right and wrong were plainly obvious and as transparent as the color of a man’s Cowboy Hat.

Grey hats are much more common today.  A grey hat makes it much easier to disguise oneself.  Right and wrong are no longer so easily and universally identified.

Let’s talk about the changing of the guard…

Like so many of you I have ground my teeth over the current situation in our Government.  In my frustration I have called out to the Lord and asked “are there no White hats anymore Lord?”  Is EVERYONE in government corrupt?  That can’t possibly be.

One of my friends Chad dropped this into my spirit the other day and it brought me a sense of clarity.  This IS NOT a word from the Lord, but worth considering nonetheless.

There certainly are still White Hats in government and I believe that they are working diligently within a corrupted system.  But they know something that you and I do not.  They know how deep and dark the swamp is.  They know the evil that lurks behind the tailor-made blue suits and red neck ties and they understand the depth of depravity to which the Dark Hats will sink

The White Hats love people and they love America.  But they understand better than most of us that the Black Hats do not.  The Black Hats love money, power, and prestige more than they care about people.  The White Hats know that if they move too quickly, that the Black Hats are going to move in such a way that many American’s lives will be lost.  In their love for people, the White Hats have to move cautiously in an attempt to limit the human carnage from the dark hearts of the Dark Hats.

Wasn’t it Barry Soetoro who called for a “civilian security force…just as powerful…just as strong…just as well funded…”  Watch his words here.  Let it send shivers down your spine.

What if the Dark Hats have built that force?  What if they are silently lurking in the background waiting to be unleashed on the American people?  What if a perp walk of Hillary or Obama triggered the release of this antifa-like army into the streets of America?  What if those who were constantly accusing the right of being violent were poised to unleash hell down Main Street America?

Why are they after your guns?  What if they eliminated your ability to protect your family?  These are the same people who have no qualms about murdering unborn babies.  The Scriptures tell us that “all those who hate me, love death.”

Wake up my friends.  The Black Hats hate God and they hate you.  They are embedded throughout the government.  What if Muslim Obama stacked the deck?  What if he silently built his army?  How will they respond if Trump wins?  How will they respond if he doesn’t?

Turn to Jesus.  Trouble is coming.  Perilous times are upon this nation.

Do the White Hats know something that the rest of us do not?