What if Christians Thought We Could Win?

Jul 25, 2019

I don’t want to make this commentary about me, but there are a few things I need to say before I can get to my point.

Since 2003 my wife and I have been in fulltime ministry.  The focus of Pass The Salt since its inception has been to awaken Christians to more actively engage their faith.  Although there are many other great ministries who are actively engaging the culture, the truth is, most people think what we do is too “edgy.”

Since choosing to leave public school teaching and coaching in 2000 the sole focus of our work has been to awaken Christians to the urgency of the moment. This includes our need to get personally and actively involved in what others love to call “the Culture War.”

Let me perfectly clear- there IS a war raging in this nation and it IS being played out in the culture.  The Boy Scouts are now the BSA Scouts and you don’t even have to be a boy to join in the fun.  This week at their World Jamboree in West Virginia they are handing out condoms rather than merit badges.  That gives new meaning to their motto of “Be Prepared.”  I guess the idea of being morally “straight” went out the window with the arrival of gender fluidity.

Public libraries all across America have opened their doors to Drag Queen Story Hour.  This consists of biological males dressing in women’s clothing and indoctrinating pre-teen children about the virtues of cross-dressing.   Brain dead parents actually support this.

The frontal assault on Biblical morality is astonishingly bold and our grandchildren are in the cross-hairs of the sexual deviants all across this land.

This is what we fight at Pass The Salt Ministries, yet we find it to be a very isolating form of ministry.  We often ask the Lord why He put us into such a “confrontational” ministry when our walk would have been so much easier if He had raised us up to preach the “peace and prosperity” message.  We are shunned by most of the church brethren and ridiculed by the sissy, skinny jean-wearing, mousse haired, metro-sexuals that fill America’s pulpits.

Real masculine men are not welcome in most churches, today.   In fact, masculinity has been so swept into the closet that any thought of “fighting” for the culture has gone the way of hymnals and strictly enforced church discipline.  Today’s Christianity is so different from the Gospel preached in the Book of Acts that most churches and their messages have become nothing more than self-help centers where attendees pay weekly dues to be reassured of how much Jesus loves them.

It makes me want to barf.  How can ANY congregation sit passively by and watch the children of this nation be spiritually assaulted by the “doctrines of demons” and do nothing to fight against the darkness?  Homosexuals are now welcome in most of America’s churches while those of us who fight against it are shunned.  Whole congregations now accept deviant sexual activity as if it were perfectly Christian.  What has caused the church to do such a complete flip-flop in one generation?  Why do those who want to fight for the future of our grandchildren feel so out of place in most churches?  How is it that God’s children have become so spiritually apathetic?

“You are wasting your time, Coach, fighting against the culture.  Things are playing out just exactly as the Bible says they would.  Things are going to only get worse until Jesus returns.  We are not long for this old world!”

I wish I had a dollar for every time I have heard that bilge come out of a fellow Christian’s mouth.  Those are the ones who are quick to tell me how wrong I am for going about things the way I do.  Those in the Christian peanut gallery always have a better way of doing what they are not doing.

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Just this morning I asked the listeners this piecing question.  “If Jesus was to show up in your room tonight and inform you that His imminent return was still 1000 years in the future, and that the spiritual future of your grandchildren was dependant on what you did TODAY to protect them against the forces of darkness, would it change the way you engage the culture?”

I call it The Rapture Hammock…one of the most selfish doctrines ever to come down the highway to hell…the idea that your salvation is secure and that soon you will be one of the select few to leave this earth while all of your unsaved family and friends are left alone to fight the forces of hell.  What kind of Christian could be so selfish as to think that way?  Is it possible to even be a Christian and not fight for a righteous standard for others?

American Christianity is flooded with stinkin’ thinkin.’  What if American Christians actually woke up and begun to fight for the righteous standards spelled out in the Bible?  What if we strove for a culture where righteousness was expected and unrighteousness was punished?  What if our Christian pastors began to work together for a more righteous society for our posterity?   What if our churches began to LEAD in the fight for Truth?  What if Christians actually began to BELIEVE we could win?

Here is the take home.  America is in a mess because our churches have washed their hands of trying to impact the culture

I’ve been involved with sports my entire life and nothing is as discouraging as watching a team lose because of lack of effort.  “Fight to the end” is the victor’s motto.  Today it has become “don’t fight because we can’t win.”

What must our Heavenly Coach think of the lack of fight in His team?

What would the nation look like if Christians actually thought we could win?