This is not your Grandpa’s America. The idea of an all-caring benevolent partnership between the Church and the State no longer exists. With the appearance of the latest national crisis it is becoming painfully obvious to anyone with a functioning brain that the Church /Government relationship is irrevocably broken.

What happens when the marriage reaches irreconcilable differences? What happens when the Government violates the standards of the Church?

The American Church has been in an abusive relationship with the Government since the sixties. When SCOTUS handed down the un-Godly Everson V Board of Education decision in 1947 the first cracks in the long standing marriage between Christ and the Government was exposed. Everson opinion was the first time in American history that the idea of a Separation between God and Government had ever been litigated. It created an adulterous relationship between the two.

Marriage is a partnership and it is difficult for any relationship to succeed if there is not agreement between the two parties. Although marriage is a union, in a Christian society the husband has always been considered the head of the marriage. In any partnership there has to be someone ultimately in charge when the tough controversial decisions have to be made.

The Scriptures ask the question “Can two walk together lest they agree?” Perhaps you can walk together for awhile, but the greater the disagreement the more difficult the journey becomes.

The 1947 Everson ruling was the first step in the destruction of the Church/Government marriage. The American Church has agreed to an adulterous relationship with the government ever since. Just as no man can serve two wives neither can he serve two masters. The American Church can no longer serve God and the Government.

The Everson opinion declared that the legal marriage of the Church and the State was over. The increased secularization of the Federal Government has made the Church/State relationship untenable. The Government divorced the Church yet refused to grant the Church autonomy free of Government intrusion.. Let the record show that it was the Government who filed for the divorce.

But the Church, like a loyal spouse, has been reluctant to dissolve the marriage. Hoping for reconciliation, the Church remained loyal to their vows, and continued to obey the machinations of the Government in the hopes that by electing men of character the marriage could be restored. While the Church pined for a reunification of the broken marriage the Government strove for a civil union…one in which the “government” maintained its independence, free from the nasty control of the nagging spouse.

In reality, the Church can never be separated from the Government. Individuals make up the Church. Individuals make up the Government. Christians are involved in both. It is impossible for them to be separated.

The “Church” is not a building, an organization, nor a corporation. The Church is a body…consisting of unique individuals…under the Headship of Jesus Christ. The Government was created by the Church; the Church was not created by the Government.

Webster defines divorce as “To separate, as a married woman from the bed and board of her husband.” The Government officially divorced the Church in 1947 but has maintained the benefits of marriage. Christians today are still forced to pay alimony to an ex-spouse without any say in how that money is spent. The Church still has not broken free from the duty to “bed and board” the Government. Why is the Church forced to pay for abortions, the advancement of the homosexual agenda, and the promotion of atheistic/secular beliefs? Where does the Government get the authority to take money from those from which it is legally separated?

The Government of the United State divorced the American Church yet the Body of Christ is still forced to pay alimony in support of the Government’s rebellious behavior. The Government has all of the characteristics of an abusive ex-spouse who still thinks he has control of the credit card..

Let me ask you again…who controls the Church?

The Government/Church separation is the most one-sided divorce in the history of the world. The Government demands the right to make all of the rules while Christians are the ones paying the bills. The “free exercise” clause in the First Amendment is completely ignored. Look at all of the government controls placed on the Church in the recent plandemic and there can be no question as to who is calling the shots.

Please Masser…can we open our church?”

The Federal Government has become the enemy of the Church. Any clear-thinking American knows that to be true.

If there is a separation between the Church and the Government why does the Body of Christ pay to support the Government without any say as to how the Government operates?

Ministries are required to keep careful records of the financial transactions of the Body of Christ, while the Government provides no such accounting to the Church. If there is a true “separation between Church and State” why is it any business of the Government how the Body of Christ operates? Why is the created entity (the Government) holding any sway over the operation of the Creator (the Church)? Why do we give to Caesar what belongs to God?

The Church created Caesar, why does the Church answer to Caesar? What is it the Church possesses that belongs to Caesar? What should the Church render unto Caesar? Nothing. Caesar is simply an abusive ex-spouse.

Christ is the Head of the Church and the Church is the Head of Government. The Government answers to Christ, Christ’s body does answer to the Government.

That’s how things were when this nation was founded. Today, through taxation, the Body of Christ is forced to fund every evil work of the lawless Government. Doesn’t this seem backwards to you? How can the Government force Christians to fund Hell’s agenda if there is a separation? The Church is above the Government.

Who really controls the Body of Christ?

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