Public indoctrination centers have destroyed our youth. They have become Marxists. How do I know this? Open your eyes and look at what young people are doing. Look at how they act. Look at ANTIFA!

An ANTIFA manual was found and released online. The manual could have been written 100 years ago in Russia before the communist revolution. It is communist, Marxist filth. They are openly hostile to ANYTHING that is against them. Guess what, “Their” definition changes all the time. LGBTQ anyone? Transgender? It’s all ANTIFA. It is all Marxist, and it is all going to destroy not only America, but will suck down the world into its depths of depravity, confusion, and evil.

WAKE UP!!! Now is the time, fix your thinking and start doing. It is time to ACT.

Hey, Pass the Salt.

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