Megyn Kelley is sinking. Alex Jones and the alt right media is winning. The left is deteriorating and they don’t know what to do it about it. It’s like watching a sinking ship. Everyone is grasping at anything to save them, but nothing is going to keep the ship from going down. We are winning and we need to keep pushing the truth.

We’ve taken the gospel and made it, “Financial success and comfort.” Being a Christian means you have, “Stuff”. Jesus didn’t die so that our lives can be good. He died to destroy sin. Somewhere along the way we have elevated humanity to a place where we don’t belong. We are seeing the glorification of man in our Churches, not the glorification of God.

Being blessed is anything that causes you to become closer to God. We are chasing after the wrong blessing. We are chasing after stuff, and we are chasing after comfort. All those things cause us to move further away from God. We went to the sodomy parade this weekend, and God was pleased. Chase after righteousness and the Kingdom of God, and all those things shall be added unto you.

Get your priorities straight, stuff doesn’t matter, God matters.

Always remember to Pass the Salt.

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