We are living in unbelievable incredible times. If you cannot see that it’s Donald Trump against the New World Order, Coach doesn’t even know what to tell you.

Coach goes into Jeremiah 23 and speaks on pastors. Pastors are strengthening the hands of the evil doers. Every problem we have is laid at the foot of the Church and at the foot of the pastors.

Pickets charge. 18000 men died in an hour and a half. The men walked up the hill knowing they were going to die, hoping that some of them made it through. We aren’t willing to do that.

We cannot vote for Hillary, simply for the fact she is a woman. Men are the authority in the home, in the Church, and in the culture. Men have to make sure the children know you are the authority.

We have to make the Church great again. The government complex has a death grip on the American people. The corruption in our government is unbelievably deep. The false opposition that is the, “Republican” party is being exposed.

Hillary is not legally allowed to hold public office. According to US Code she has already been disqualified from being president.

Glenn Beck is now supporting Hillary. Glenn Beck’s view is completely divergent from Christianity. Mormonism is not Christianity.

Hillary is a wicked, demon possessed woman. She has done everything to destroy our culture and our country. She has stolen from the American people, do we reward that?

The elected officials have not done their job. When it becomes our opportunity to speak on the subject, we are voting against Hillary as a guilty sentence. Coach is going to vote for whoever will remove the wicked witch of the west. We have a woman who we know is a crimanal running for President. Unbelievable.

The jezebel spirit is killing us, and we are about to put the ultimate Jezebel into office.

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