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Coach opens the show commenting a visit to the Apple store yesterday and segues to a short video he recorded yesterday that is on the way to becoming viral.

Holier than thou Christians are leading the sell out both in the church and in the Republican Party.

Would Franklin Graham have the courage to stand up to the last minute attacks that are typical in any political campaign?  Coach is illustrating the courage of Donald Trump.

There’s only two teams … God’s team and the Devil’s team.  Which one is the Devil’s team?

Mike introduces a phrase coined by Scott Lively, “New Testament Myopia.”

John calls in from Kentucky to encourage Christians to courage.

Coach turns the Huddle to the story of Gideon in Judges.  God is exposing the phonies, He is culling the herd.

God selects 300 souls for Gideon’s Army.  The men God instructed Gideon to select kept their eye on the enemy when they were drinking.

Women leadership is judgment on America.  Which is more dangerous — Trump who wants to fornicate or Hillary who wants to rule over men?

Pastors ought to be speaking out against Hillary.  We know we are under judgment because the Bible says that women and children will rule over them.

Coach illustrates how women are in charge everywhere.  He tells a story about growing up and asking his dad for permission to go to johnny’s house.  Dad answered, “Go ask your mother.”

How many marriages would be together today if the wives never left the home?  What happens to women when they go into the work place.

We don’t recognize that the dad is the spiritual leader of the home.

Coach plays a short video where he calls out the Republican leaders who are abandoning Trump.

Michael from Oregon observes that we have lost all confidence in ourselves.  Coach responds that the only way a strong woman can control things in the home is if the man is weak.  Our homes are screwed up because this has crept into the church.

The Huddle turns to Proverbs 31.

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