Pedogate is real folks. Christians don’t even want to believe it. Look around you? The ex-speaker of the house went to prison for child molestation. That’s third in line for the President. He went to prison for CHILD MOLESTATION. When was the last time you heard about this in your pulpits? The church has no strategy except, “Republicans or Rapture!”

Coach has the Activist Mommy on today to discuss her ministry and her views on varying subject. You can help from anywhere you are. She started, and continues, from her home. She records videos on her phone and posts them online speaking out against the sin in our nation and culture. Anyone can do it, and so can you. Her most recent video has over 10 million views.

Remember folks, we all make a difference. All it takes is courage. Stand up, Stand up for Jesus.

Hey, Pass the Salt.

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