We are surrounded by lies. Everywhere we look it is lies. There are lies on both sides of the equation. Republican, Democrat, left, right, conservative, liberal. There are lies on both sides. The affordable care act is a great example. By the way, those who vote to repeal under Obama switched votes when Trump would sign the bill. Hmm… Lies.

When there are no consequences for lying, then people will lie. They serve their father the devil, and the work of their father they will do. Christians are now repeating the lie, “Don’t judge”. How could they possibly come up with that idea? There is one verse, taken out of context, that fills this. Everywhere in the Bible it says that the people of God will keep his commandments. In both the old and new testament. So you judge people whether or not they are keeping God’s commandments!

Just because you believe something, that doesn’t make it true.

Paying taxes to an unrighteous government is wrong. I’ll say it again. Paying taxes to an unrighteous government is wrong. There is a point, folks, where we are going to have to decide whether it’s more important to obey God’s law or the law of the land. When your government is unrighteous, and doing the work of Satan, paying taxes is wrong. I’m not exempt from this, I pay my taxes, and I consider it a pre-meditated sin.

We have to open our eyes to the Truth of the Bible, shed the lies, and start LIVING life the way it is meant to be lives in Jesus Christ.

Hey, Pass the Salt.

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