Operation save America is happening now in Louisville, Kentucky. Families and individuals from around the country have decided to no longer, “Be pro-life”, but ACT pro-life. They are doing the deed and being where the murder is happening.

Kentucky has one abortion mill left, and it’s in Louisville. If this place closes, which it has been ordered to by Governor Matt Bevin, then Kentucky will be the first State to be abortion free in the US. Think about that folks. An entire State where baby murder is not allowed. Thank God.

The left and the government understand we are law abiding citizens. They know that if they make a rule, Christians will follow it. We are such good followers. Wake up folks, the times they are a changin’. We need to wake up and realize that lawless laws aren’t lawful. Laws that run contrary to God’s laws, aren’t lawful.

Come down, the water is fine. We are waiting for you in Louisville. Get in your car and drive, join us, and stand for Jesus Christ and save some unborn children in the process.

Hey, Pass the Salt.

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