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Show opens with brief analysis of the Judge Roy Moore situation in Alabama. He was on trial yesterday for his refusal to endorse sodomy based marriage.

JR gives a report on a meeting of pastors in the Columbus area that took place yesterday. Coach observes that talk is cheap. If we aren’t willing to take the gospel to the streets then we aren’t doing our duty.

Based on Matthew 7 Coach observes that a political party isn’t the solution to our problem. We must take the gospel to the streets. John the Baptist provides the example. Modern American pastors are star gazers who are seeking the approval of men.

Coach opens the Bible to take a look at the idea Jesus expressed in the New Testament concerning the “Synagogue of Satan.” There is nothing special about the Jews.

The semites are the descendants of Shem, one of Noah’s sons. If you are white and you call yourself anti-semitic it means that you hate yourself. Caucasians are semites, by definition.

Is judaism a race or a religion?

Coach dives deep into Galatians 3. Judaism is not a ticket to heaven or salvation. It is only through faith in Jesus Christ that a man makes it. “There is neither jew nor greek.” — Paul the Apostle. All are one in Christ Jesus. You are Abraham’s seed if you have Jesus Christ in your heart by faith.

We’re being told a lie about the Jews. They are nothing special.

The region of Israel became important a century ago because of dispensationalism. The jews of today are not blood line jews. They are part of the jewish religion.

Jesus himself said that we need to leave the synagogue of satan.

Coach proclaims that he isn’t going to give honor to those who don’t deserve it. We don’t hate jews, or anyone. We’re just not going to give honor where is isn’t deserved.

In 602 AD, after the diaspora, the King of Khazar Russia adopted Judaism as the state religion. Everybody in Khazar converted to Judaism. So, now we have white jews.

The corporate media is all owned by jews. This is proven by a Brother Nathanial video. A demonic system is at work in the world. We have fallen into a false narrative of jew or israel worship. Four out of nine of America’s Supreme Court Justices are jews. They don’t read the Bible. They follow the Talmud.

Six corporations control everything in the world.

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