Coach begins with feminism. Feminism is women wanting to be men. That is all it is. Feminism has nothing to do with being feminine. Feminists are hard women trying to act manly. The only reason feminism succeeds is because men become feminine, and are too weak to oppose the evil. It’s not that we are becoming a better society because of equal rights, the best are being dragged down so everyone is equal.

Coach goes into Chimeras and the DNA. We are messing with the DNA of humans, this is actual science. It was approved this year to add human DNA to animals to, “Save lives” for organ transplants. Well, there was a similar logic behind, “Gay Rights”. Now we are looking at transvestites and pedophilia. Where do you think this will go?

The eternal battle between the seed of the serpent and the seed of the woman is raging before us. Will you be on God’s side, or the Devil’s side? Remember, speaking the truth IS love.

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