Where in the Bible does it say, “Violence is never the answer”. Where does it say that? If you have God-haters throwing urine at your wife, you are just going to sit by and watch it happen? You won’t defend the innocent? You won’t defend your family? What kind of man are you? Ecclesiastes says there is a time for war. There is a time for peace and there is a time for war, and you better make sure the war is for the right reasons.

Was it good that we used violence against Hitler? The Church is ok with war, but they aren’t ok with personal violence. What? They are all excited about bombing North Korea, and yet individual violence is against God. Do you see what they’ve done? Do you see what has happened to us? We have been lied to about EVERYTHING. We have been turned into sheep, and they have used every single method they know to do it. They have shut down white Christian anglo-saxon men at all costs.

Race doesn’t matter. This has been created by cultural Marxists. They are brainwashing us into this fake problem that’s only purpose is to destroy western civilization. They are calling Trump a racist to attempt to divide his supporters. The sad thing is that the Christians are falling for it. Listen to Trump, listen to his words. He’s clearly not a Racist. Watch the press conference and listen to the words he uses.

Hey, don’t forget to Pass the Salt.

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