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Flip Benham returned to the Charlotte City Council after his prophesy in August. The Huddle views his rebuke of the lesbian mayor of that city that has descended into turmoil at the hands of Black Lives Matter and the Left.

Then the Huddle discusses global finances, the petrodollar and the recent decision of Congress to allow lawsuits against Saudi Arabia in the 9-11 matter.

The Huddle hears from Stephen Menking on the possibility of a major bank failure in Germany. He discloses that there are high level meetings taking place this weekend related to the crisis. Harry Reid is the only member of Congress who voted to uphold the Obama veto. This political decision could have dire consequences for the petro dollar. Every large bank in the world does business with Deutshebank. If it fails the world could face another crisis similar to the collapse of Lehman Brothers. The collapse is the result of a radical shift in the confidence people have in credit.

Menking wrote a blog article about these developments this week.

Yesterday hedge funds announced that they are pulling their money from Deutsche Bank. They are different from Lehman in that they aren’t an investment bank.

The Coach recommends that everyone keep some cash at home for expenses to cover a month. Menking recommends keeping a month’s cash on hand.

Watch for reports of lines at Deutshebank. That will be the sign that the bank is collapsing.

Menking says that there are a number of important developments coming over the weekend in the financial system that should be heeded.

Real estate generally is likely to take a significant hit because of the debt that people hold for their mortgages.

Coach points out that it is important to actually have the precious metals in hand instead of a piece of paper that says you own metal that is sitting in a vault somewhere. Non-professional investors should be focused on maintaining purchasing power, not making money in the financial system.

Coach recommends buying enough canned goods to be able to eat for a month. Also think about having a water source. Food is never a waste of money because you will eat it.

Roger recommends bullets, weapons and guns …. and toilet paper 😉 … as good objects to stock up on.

The right response to all of this is prayer, not panic. Turn to the Holy Spirit. Spend time in God’s Word. Listen for the still small voice of the Holy Spirit.

There’s no money in the bank. You just have digits in the bank. A currency reset is coming. The reset will look and feel like salvation, but it will actually make things much worse.

Roger urges everyone to strengthen their Christian faith, become stable and clearly stand strong on the gospel of Jesus Christ. This is the best way to be prepared.

The Huddle turns to Revelation 3:13 and following for guidance.

As the show winds down Coach talks about the irrevocable gifts of God and the fact that he will be speaking for ninety minutes this afternoon at the Hear the Watchmen Conference. Coach is opening the conference.


Everybody has a gift. Stop thinking of yourself as a star!!

Matthew 5:13. You are the light of the world … Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your father in heaven.

When you get thinking it is about you then you stop glorifying your father in heaven.

On Monday Coach is going to dig deeper into the race issue.

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