Indiana Capitol Rally

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA – The Salt and Light Brigade sprung into action today as we joined forces with the Indiana Pastors Alliance gathering at the Statehouse in Indianapolis and delivered an open rebuke to Governor Mike Pence and the Republican “super majority” who recently capitulated to the bullying of what one pastor today labeled “the Gay Mafia.” The crowd of Christians rose to their feet a number of times in support of the fiery words that these bold pastors were directing at the cowardly Republican “leadership”.

According to one of the speakers today, the Religious Restoration Act was designed to protect religious liberty for all Americans; a right guaranteed in the First Amendment, but has instead delivered to the Christians of Indiana a law that grants special rights to homosexuals and weakens the rights of Christians in the State.

We were excited to see several members of the recently formed Salt and Light Brigade who made the trip in support of the Indian Pastors Alliance.

As was mentioned today, this battle is just beginning.

Thanks to all of you who prayed and made phone calls. You can rest assured that they knew that Christians were in the house today and that this war is far from over.

We hope to have a short video of today’s events available in a couple of days.

Please be reminded that on Tuesday the United States Supreme Court will hear the case designed to force homosexual marriage upon America. We ask that you pray that God will supernaturally intervene on our behalf. The Scriptures remind us that “the heart of the King is as water in the hand of the Lord!” Let us pray for God’s grace one more time.

Great job today, team. We have not yet begun to fight!