I have always wanted to know how cars worked. If you are anything like me you are at a loss when something goes wrong and the vehicle doesn’t operate the way it was designed. Although I have had a great deal of experience DRIVING cars I have absolutely no training on how to FIX a car when it stops running.

That is why we have auto mechanics. They help us out when our ability to drive is useless because the car is not functioning the way it was designed. So, I decided to do something about it. I signed up for a class on how to repair cars.

It wasn’t cheap. In fact the mechanic who was training me told me that in order to take the class I would be required to pay him 10% of my gross income. He told me that this giving was required because he had a lot of overhead and that it was necessary to keep his shop open.

Plus, he told me that he was worthy of his wages because he had invested a lot of time and energy in learning about cars. He could always earn a living repairing cars, he told me, but that he thought he could be more effective if he trained others how to do it.

This way, he assured me, more and more people would live better lives because of their ability to take care of the cars they owned. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, he told me. If we simply learned how to better maintain our cars we would find that most of our car-issues would go away.