Fellow Christians, we have an incredible opportunity to be the generation that brings about the re-criminalization of abortion in America, and it begins at Planned Parenthood this Saturday morning, August 22nd.  Here is the link where you can check to see if there is a rally near you!  http://protestpp.com/protests/.

Currently there are rallies scheduled at 280 clinics in 44 different states across America, and the movement is growing!  Please watch this brief video produced by our friend and event coordinator Mark Harrington of www.createdequal.net.



  • Pray that the church will awaken and that the eyes of America’s Pastors will be opened.
  • Pray that individuals, prompted by the Holy Spirit, will go and stand at their local clinic on Saturday morning.
  • Pray that post-abortive mothers and fathers will once and for all deal with their past sin and be freed from the devastating shame and guilt.
  • Pray that MEN will take on the role of protector and defender of the unborn!
  • Pray that eyes of our black brothers and sisters will be opened to the exceedingly racist nature of abortion and Planned Parenthood.


  • Utilize your phones and computers to forward this information to everyone on your email list who you believe wants to see abortion end. 
  • Post it on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Call Churches in your community, get their email address, and forward the info on to them.

SWAT TEAM (Spiritual Weapons and Tactics)

  • Commit to be ‘boots on the ground’ at the Planned parenthood near you. 
  • Car pool and drive others to the event. 
  • Bring signs, musical instruments, Bibles, and cool drinks. 

COME ON CHURCH!  How long did it take to fill the streets of Ferguson and Baltimore with protesters?  Shouldn’t we be able to flood the streets of America in response to the child-sacrifice going on right under our noses?

Jesus told us that “upon this rock I will build My church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”  Let’s storm the gates of hell on August 22nd!

Planned Parenthood and abortion are reeling and ready to fall.  God is just waiting for His church to come and push it over the cliff!!  Onward, Christian soldiers!

Coach Dave Daubenmire