I want to make it very clear right at the top that I am a Ted Cruz supporter. No one has been a more ardent supporter of “conservative values” than me. In fact, I have climbed a rung higher up the ladder than most. I do not identify as a “conservative.” I am a Christian. I rejected the “conservative” label years ago.

They are not the same, you know? If you have time take a moment to read my commentary from 2006 Counterfeit Salt. I take a backseat to no one in regards to my Christian-political bona fides. So don’t play the “you are a sellout” or “you are not a real Christian” or “you are controlled opposition” card on me.

I live out and walk out my Christianity every day on the streets of America. I don’t hide myself inside my prayer closet like so many others choose to do. Here is another commentary I wrote four years later in 2010 called Secular Conservatism. I have been publicly expressing my thoughts in near-weekly columns since 2004. What I have said in the past is available for the world to read. There is a record of where I have stood on the issues. They are all here. There are hundreds for you to read.

I pray I can get out everything I want to express in a few hundred words.

Let me say it again. I am a Ted Cruz supporter but I am not afraid of Donald Trump.