WHAT: Kindred of the Kingdom Conference (Roan Mountain, TN)
WHEN: August 20 thru 22, 2021 WHERE: Roan Mountain, TN (Located in the Southern Appalachian Mountains of upper-east Tennessee)
Check In: FRI, AUGUST 20, 2021 @ 2:00 PM (EST) Check Out: MON, AUGUST 23, 2021 @ 11:00 AM (EST) GUEST
SPEAKERS: Coach Dave Daubenmire, John Diamond, Scott Lively, Brett Bohl, Tom Dunn
COST:  Take advantage of Early Bird pricing in effect through June 31, 2021
CONFERENCE PRICE: $90 per attendee (age 17 and up); $65 per child attendee (age 11-16) Conference ticket price includes: 1. 3-day conference ticket 2. meal participation*
Note: No charge for children 10 and under; please limit to 1 unpaid child per adult attendee. Off-site lodging – see printable flyer for details on state park and RV park info.

CONFERENCE PRICE WITH 3 NIGHT ON-SITE LODGING: $150 (age 17 and up); $125 per child attendee (age 16 and under) On-site lodging conference ticket includes: 1. 3 nights lodging (bedding space in chalet) 2. 3-day conference ticket 3. meal participation*

Note: There will be no charge for small children who use sleeping bags instead of bed/sofa space; please limit 1 unpaid Child per adult attendee.

Please let us know (Tennessee@saltandlightbrigade.org) if you will be sleeping two to a bed, or if you need your own bed. The queen-sized beds will be assigned to adults who will be sharing a bed until all are filled. Let us know if you prefer a twin bed space over a queen size bed. Also, please let us know if there is another person or party whom you would like to share your chalet with; we will attempt to group you according to your preferences.

See printable flyer for chalet information, lodging accommodations, and off-site lodging options

INFORMATION CONTACT: Clay Parker (Salt & Light of Appalachia) TEXT: 865-963-5341
EMAIL: Tennessee@saltandlightbrigade.org
*Tentative Meal Participation:
Friday: Dinner = full meal provided
Saturday: Breakfast = doughnuts, muffins, boiled eggs, milk, juice, coffee Snacks and beverages during conference Dinner = To be determined (various pot-luck dishes to be provided by conference attendees)
Sunday: Breakfast = doughnuts, muffins, boiled eggs, milk, juice, coffee
Dinner = To be determined (with various potluck dishes to be provided by conference attendees) Note: Lunches will not be provided. We will break for lunch so that all will have time to enjoy lunch at their chalet or at the nearby Whiteway Grill. Conference participation will determine funding available; funding will determine what will be served at dinner meals.

OTHER CONFERENCE ACTIVITIES: Self-defense teaching & training with Bobby Lee (descendant of Civil War general Robert E. Lee), Chad Estes (retired Texas law enforcement officer), and Clay Parker (Salt & Light of Appalachia). Weather permitting, we plan an outing to Roan Mountain State Park and to Carver’s Gap; this will include a hike on the Appalachian Trail up on top of Roan Mountain, for those who are interested in making the trek. Other activities to be determined. We tentatively plan to have live music performed by Lightnin’ Charlie! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vHrWsMspsiI

OPTIONAL ACTIVITIES: There are hiking trails on the Fairhaven property, as well as a mountain stream with a pleasant waterfall to enjoy. Nearby Roan Mountain State Park has plenty of outdoor activities for persons who want to get out and about during the days of the conference; check out the Roan Mountain State Park website for more information. There are picnic areas at Roan Mountain State Park and at the public access area atop Roan Mountain. Barnett’s Guns (a large gun store & indoor shooting range) is located in nearby Hampton, TN.