“Occupy Till I Come 2018 Conference” 4 DVD Set


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This is the event DVD from the Occupy Conference. Get it and give it to someone who didn’t come. This information is a must-have for Christians and anyone interested in the Truth. Learn about the REAL spiritual war going on in the world from the men who’ve been fighting the battle most of their lives.

This DVD features the following speakers:

  1. Tom Dunn
  2. David Heavener
  3. Bill Federer
  4. L A Marzulli
  5. Russ Dizdar
  6. Jon Robberson
  7. Joe Hagmann
  8. Doug Hagmann
  9. David Arthur
  10. Pastor Paul Begley
  11. Mark Trump
  12. Pastor Mike Spaulding

4 DVD Set for $ 40, Shipping & Handling included