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I am writing this the day after the election.  There is much to be said about all the shenanigans that took place, but I will write about it another day.  Let the dust settle so we do not get to far out over our skis.  It will not be over soon.

As you may be aware, I led a contingent of hearty patriots to Washington DC last weekend.  Rather than sitting on our butts and complaining about the unequal justice that is running rampant in this nation we decided to take our complaints to the streets in an attempt to bring accountability to our elected officials.


Somewhere along the way we permitted them to act like royalty and lord their position over the common folk.  In all actuality, our elected officials work for us…they are our employees…and we concluded that they deserved a visit.  Thirty-three of us from 13 different states converged on the homes of Joe Biden, Barack Obama, and Attorney General Bill Barr.

For you to get a feel for our assignment please take a moment and view the video.  On Friday evening we called on Mr. Biden to come clean about his 47-year career in government and, if elected, enforce the law equally as our Constitution requires.  Watch a few minutes here.  We concluded the evening with a “honk and wave” near his home.  The video can be seen here.

Saturday morning, we paid a visit to the Obama’s neighborhood.  The Secret Service were very accommodating and permitted us to gather on the street near their home  For security reasons we could not stand directly in front of their home but the SS did secure an area where we could “petition the government for a redress of our grievances.”  We prayed and read imprecatory Psalms.  Watch. 

Saturday afternoon we drove to AG Bill Barr’s home.  Our goal was to encourage him and make an appeal that, for the sake of our children and grandchildren, he restore judgement and justice in our government.

People often criticize me because our ministry is “boots on the ground” activity focused.  We believe that there are great opportunities to impact the culture if we are simply willing to get out of our comfort zone and give God an opportunity to work through us.

The trip to Barr’s home was more than we expected.  Even though the media reports accused us of “storming” his home and calling us a “swarm” the fact is we were respectful and prayerful.  We did not show up at his house to badger him, but to encourage him.  

We appealed to him and asked him to come out of his home and interact with us. He did.  He shook our hands and listened to the encouraging words that we brought to him.  We offered to pray with him, and he willingly agreed.  You can watch the prayer and interaction here.

We learned a valuable lesson.  Many of our elected officials are under a great deal of pressure.  Mr. Barr lives in a neighborhood where there were more BIDEN signs than there were trees.  We felt the burden he was carrying, and we know that our visit encouraged him.

It is easy to criticize those in power for their inaction.  But everyone of us left with a greater appreciate of the heavy burden he bears and the pressure he must face from multiple sources.  He needed our encouragement.  I believe it strengthened him.  Time will tell if we moved him to do the right thing.

We can all make a difference.  Sitting in our prayer closet, although important, is not enough.  We must put feet to our faith.

Please support our work.  What we do is important.  Check us out.  They will never see the light until they feel the heat.  

We are fire starters.  Lease join with us.  We can still win.

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