Faithism is Worse Than Racism

I’ve about had it up to my once water-breathing gills with this whole whitey hates blackie thing.  Coming on the heels of a made-up pandemic the idea that the greatest evil facing America is racism is more than my once-monkey evolved brain can handle.

“Minds full of mush” is what Rush Limbaugh once called them; Human brains that will believe just about anything that some expert feeds them.  “Please don’t feed the humans” should be the warning label on every TV in America.

Even though I would love to talk about the phony charges of racism that are spewed 24/7 on America’s airwaves I have decided to take a different tack and discuss another means of discrimination that very few people are willing to talk about.  In fact, the thoughts my hunt-and-peck digits are tapping out may cover an area of thought that no one has ever programmed you with.

I am referring to the very common form of discrimination known as FAITHISM.

“I’ve never heard of that before” your CNN wired cerebral cortex may be beeping.  “What the heck is faithism? Anderson Cooper has never mentioned that before, and if I haven’t heard of it from one of their expert guests so it certainly can’t be real.”

Well, racism isn’t real either.  It is a made up word.  It was a condition created by the CIA in the early 1930’s and was designed to be used to divide and conquer the American people.  I won’t go into details about it in this rant, but as the carnival barker would likely say “read all about it.”  RACISM IS MADE UP.  Check out THIS LINK if you really want to know the truth.

Save me the emails.  Racism is made up. It only exists in our minds…planted there by nefarious forces intent on destroying America.  I’m sorry if Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Juan Williams have hustled your mind into believing it.  There is only one race…human.  Period.  Skin color is not a race.

So I decided to coin a phrase that is just as prevalent and just as destructive to America and that is Faithism.  Never heard of it, huh?  Well, stick around and maybe we can get another group of Americans all riled up.

Faith is defined by Mr. Webster as “Belief; the assent of the mind to the truth of what is declared by another, resting on his authority and veracity, without other evidence; the judgment that what another states or testifies is the truth.”

Nearly everything you and I believe is based on faith.  Any story you read about an historical figure is faith-based because you have no firsthand knowledge of the veracity of the information.  I BELIEVE George Washington existed, but I can’t actually prove it.  I have to trust that the historical record is true. In all of my life’s work I have never heard anyone tell me that they didn’t “believe” in George Washington.  Most of us simply trust the history books.

The same holds true for Darwinism.  I never met the guy, but from what I understand he wrote a book about “The Origin of Species” and even though I am familiar with it I have never met anyone who can prove he wrote it or that the information he presents in it is true.  I simply take it on faith that he existed and that his theories are true. 

By the way…a theory is a theory because there is no proof.  Darwin’s theory is actually FAITH based because there were no eye-witnesses to verify what he postulates.  Darwin’s theory has less scientific PROOF than the THEORY expounded upon in the book of Genesis.  Both theories are lacking PROOF and can only be believed through FAITH.

FAITHISM is nothing more than the discrimination of one belief system over another based solely on the opinion of the one promoting the theory.  Zoo keepers often have faith in Darwin and his acolytes while most Christians have faith in God and his evangelists.

A fair evaluation of the origin of man would certainly contain BOTH unproven theories.  To choose one set of theories over another would be the ultimate discrimination.  Despite what you have been taught in government schools, discrimination is a good thing.  To discriminate is defined as “the act of making or observing a difference.”  It has nothing to do with the buzz word “racism.”

But the nub of the issue is that both sides are not presented.  “Science” always trumps “faith” when dealing in the secular world.  “Religious” beliefs are always pooh poohed in favor of “science” even though much of what we believe about science is based completely on faith.

Racism is defined as prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.”  Even racism is built upon a BELIEF and not a fact.

FAITHISM would be defined as “prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different worldview based on the belief that one’s own belief system is superior.”

Faithism is rampant in our society.  Those in authority do not allow both systems of BELIEFS to be treated fairly.  The theory of Darwin is presented freely and openly to America’s public school children while the theory of Creationism is forced to the back of the bus.  Faithism is everywhere you look and there has been nothing as destructive to our American society as the second class treatment afforded Americans who put their faith in the God rather than in Darwin.

“People of faith” are the most discriminated against citizens in this country.  Most of our problems would go away if we simply taught ALL children the 10 Commandments of God. 

Our schools teach our children that they evolved from apes and we are shocked when they begin to act like monkeys. Amoral education leads to immoral behavior.  Christian beliefs are given second class treatment in this nation. 

America’s Christian history is being rewritten.  Statues are being torn down.  Faithism is worse than racism.  Content of character is more important than skin color.

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