Where will you draw the line?  At what point are you going to stand up and declare I WILL NOT COMPLY!!

I have already reached that point.  In fact, I never did buy into the whole mask thingee. I have been around long enough to recognize a scam when I see one and from Jump Street the whole idea of wearing a mask seemed like nonsense to me. There are just too many ways for ANY disease to spread.

Sorry, my friends, but it is common sense.  Everywhere you go someone has already been there.  Every doorknob, every handrail, every gas pump has already been touched by hundreds of other people.  The idea that a virus would ONLY spread through the face was as crazy as believing that filters on the end of cigarettes limited one’s chances of getting lung cancer.

Pardon the metaphor, but it was stupid on its face.  I never jumped at Jump Street and I am not jumping now no matter how much that 80-year-old ghoul Fauci tries to scare me.  (BTW why don’t these goons ever retire?  Fauci, Pelosi, et al … 80 + Go home already.)

I ain’t wearing no mask.

I believe the virus is real.  I believe that some people die OF it.  But there is a difference between dying OF Covid and dying FROM Covid.  The more they test the population the more cases they discover.  That makes sense.  I would imagine that we all carry lots of things that we do not know that we have.

If I need a test to see if I have a virus does it even matter?  If I am not sick why do I need a test to tell me I am?  Back in the days when America was sane, they called that being a CARRIER.  Today they call that ASYMPTOMATIC …without symptoms.  In other words, you have the virus, but it does not make you sick.  According to a study published by TIME, 80% of those who have COVID NEVER GET SICK!!  Throughout human history we have quarantined the sick, not the healthy.

I ain’t wearing no stinkin’ mask.

Permit me to ask a few commonsense questions.  I apologize if logic triggers you or makes you dizzy, nauseous, or angry.

  • If masks work why do I have to wear one to protect you if you are wearing one?
  • Why is it ok to take off my mask to eat or drink?
  • If social distancing works why do I have to wear a mask?
  • How does the virus know it can only go 6 ft?
  • If masks work why did they release prisoners from jail rather than just giving them a mask?
  • How does the virus know to spread at Trump rallies but not at BLM riots?
  • Why does the virus spread in churches but not at Wal Mart, Lowe’s, Home Depot, or Krogers?
  • Where did Bill Gates get his medical degree?

Don’t get me started….

Is anyone with me here?  I AIN’T WEARING NO STINKIN MASK!!

I am sick it.  I’m sick of the bullying and the virtue signaling.  You are not a better person than me because you have a mask on your face.  I worry about REAL health issues like the GMO poisoning of our food, the Nazi-like control of America by Big Pharma, the effects of 5G, the manipulation of TRUTH by the media, and diabolical plan to vaccinate all Americans.  Mandatory vaccinations, I might add.  Brought to you by the rock group The Fauci Five.

Vaccinations are dangerous.  You don’t have to believe me.  You can ignore all the voices giving warning to the dangers of injecting foreign DNA into our bodies.  YOU can take the vaccine if you want to but why do you want to push your VALUES on me?  My Body, my choice, right?  Or does that only apply to dismembering little people inside their mommy’s womb so that they can inject the baby’s cells into you through vaccinations.

Oh Yeah.  You didn’t hear about that from The Fauci Five and the controlled media?  Read it here.  Deny it if you want to.  Do so at your own peril.  Aborted baby cells are used in vaccines. Here.  You damn science deniers.  You believe in wearing masks but deny aborted fetal tissue in vaccines.

Let me say it again.  I ain’t wearing no mask.

And I am not going to take a vaccination either.  I have already drawn my line in the sand.  I have stopped going to some of my regular haunts because of their mask policies. “Just comply, Coach!  It is only a mask.  What harm can it do?”

I don’t know what harm it can do and neither do you.  Stop twisting my arm and inferring what a rotten human being I am simply because I will not fall in line like some brain-dead goat and Baaaa to the latest demands of the “government experts.”

Aren’t these the same “experts” that tell us that an unborn baby is not alive?

Just this week the CDC reported that 6% of all deaths during this PLANDEMIC were a result of COVID ONLY and yet the media continues to blow the horn about how many new cases are appearing in the country.  More people are getting the virus and fewer people are dying.  Evidently the masks don’t prevent us from getting the disease but are we to assume the mask keeps us from dying once we get it? I wonder how many of those who died with COVID wore masks to prevent it?  Wake the hades up!

We are being conditioned, my friends.  If you do not have the courage to say NO to mandatory masks do you actually believe you will have the courage to say NO to mandatory vaccinations?

Mandatory masks … mandatory vaccinations.   You better decide NOW.

I have drawn my line in the sand.  My body … my choice.  Not just NO to masks…but HELL NO!

I ain’t wearing no stinkin’ mask.

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