The dollar is dead.

In the early days of the American Revolution our burgeoning nation was at war with the greatest economic and military power in the world.  With very few resources and a very limited government the odds of our nation being successful were not very good.

“After the American Revolutionary War began in 1775, the Continental Congress began issuing paper money known as Continental currency, or Continentals. Continental currency was denominated in dollars from $​16 to $80, including many odd denominations in between. During the Revolution, Congress issued $241,552,780 in Continental currency. 

Continental currency depreciated badly during the war, giving rise to the famous phrase “not worth a continental”. A primary problem was that monetary policy was not coordinated between Congress and the states, which continued to issue bills of credit. “Some think that the rebel bills depreciated because people lost confidence in them or because they were not backed by tangible assets,” writes financial historian Robert E. Wright. “Not so. There were simply too many of them.”   Source

The American dollar is dead.  Most of the citizens are not aware of it because it is still used as a means of exchange for “all debts personal and private.”  But it is no longer worth a Continental.  The Federal Reserve has printed the dollar into worthlessness.

Actually, they haven’t really printed it.  They have digitized it.  In other words they have created new money without the use of the printing press.  The government has simply issued electronic payments…digits…numbers…and deposited them into the accounts of our nation’s banks.

The American dollar is not backed by anything tangible.  In other words, the only value the dollar has is what the Government tells you it has.  If I type the number $1200.00 and send it to your bank will they put it in your account as if I had actually given you the money?  Of course not.  The actual “dollars” behind the digits do not exist.  There is nothing “backing” the $1200 in digits that now appear on you balance sheet thanks to your recent “Government” check.

The numbers are as phony as a Continental.

If you go to this official Government website you will be able to see that as of May 6, 2020, there was $1.87 trillion worth of Federal Reserve notes in circulation.

Perhaps you should read that line again…or visit the website.  If you were to collect every PHYSICAL penny, nickel, dime, quarter, half-dollar, and paper dollars of various denominations the total amount of actual PHYSICAL dollars in circulation is just under $2 TRILLION. 

You read that right.  There are only $2 trillion American dollars in circulation in the entire world.  The rest of the “money” is digits…simply numbers on a piece of paper…or computer…that have nothing at all to back them up. 

In the last two months our “Government” handed out over $2 TRILLION dollars in order to stimulate the economy during this plandemic. In fact, our national debt…money we currently owe …just passed $25 Trillion.  View it here.  Yet the fact remains that there is only $1.87 ACTUAL PRINTED DOLLARS in circulation. 

If Americans initiated a run on the banks so that they could get THEIR money out of the bank many would be shocked to find out that there is very little actual money in the bank.  Digits.  That’s what the banks have.  Numbers on a computer screen.  The American dollar is phony.

But don’t let me scare you.  Many of you are heavily invested in the stock market and you are probably excited to know that the value of the stocks is $30 trillion. Our nation’s pension liabilities are currently $218 Trillion.  Social Security and Medicare are currently $50 Trillion IN THE HOLE.  Real Estate values in America top $33 Trillion.

Our National debt just topped $25 Trillion.  The total amount of unfunded financial promises to Americans is currently over $122 Trillion.

And meanwhile, there is only $1.87 actual “dollars” available to hold in your hand.

Look, I am no financial guru and some of my statistics may not be exactly on the mark, but there is a financial reset on the horizon.  Our debt is unpayable.  Our dollars are backed by nothing.  Electronic digits on a bank statement have no real value.  I have a hunch that his entire Virus hysteria is nothing more than a cover for a financial collapse.  Rotten financial miss-management has left most Americans holding the bag.  A reset is coming.   There is no other way out.  Our debt will never be repaid.  Wars are fought over such issues.

So, what do we do with our money?  I am a lifelong high school football coach so please don’t take financial advice from me.  My crystal ball is no better than yours.  But I do know this…if you can’t hold it, you don’t own it.

Get your money out of the market.  Get your money out of the bank.  When things really start to go south it will be too late to get in the line at your local bank.

Buy things you can touch.  Land, property, metals, food, food, food, ammo, weapons, tools, food.  The “money” you have in the bank is fake…digits printed on a computer. 

A word of warning.  If you purchase metals you must take possession of them.  Buy a safe.  Bury it in your garden.  It is safer there than in the bank.  But certificates of ownership are not good enough.

Our American dollar is worthless; most Americans just don’t know it…yet.  JC Penny is bankrupt. Who thought we would ever see that?  Many will follow.  Get ahead of the crowd.

If you can’t hold it, you don’t own it.  The dollar is dead.

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