Stuck on Stupid

StupidVery dull; insensible; senseless; wanting in understanding; heavy; sluggish.

Nothing is as dangerous as stupidity.  It is worse than malice. Stupidity is a choice.  Malice is inherent.

Every day as I adventure outside my humble abode I am immediately struck by the amount of stupidity that I run into.  It is almost as if we are stupid on purpose.

Stupid comes from the root word stupor, which is defined asIntellectual insensibility; moral stupidity; heedlessness or inattention to ones interests.”  Does “drunken stupor” paint a picture?

That, my friends, is descriptive of the average modern American High School graduate.  Some college graduates are even worse.  It is almost as if the higher up the educational ladder one craws the more stupid he/she becomes.

I had a conversion the other day with a recent Law School graduate, a once brilliant, quick witted guy, and at the conclusion of the conversation I asked him;

What happened to you?  You used to be really smart.  Now you are acting stupid…saying stupid things…ignoring the obvious…who made you so dumb?  Where did you lose your ability to think clearly?”

That is the purpose of higher education, law school especially.  It is designed to make you question EVERYTHING…especially the obvious.  Does anyone remember the OJ trial…where most of America sat glued to the boob tube while Johnny Cochran did his best to convince us that the obvious was not really so obvious.  You remember…if it doesn’t fit you must acquit.  Johnny’s job was not to get to the truth.  His job was to get you to question the truth.

My buddy Mark likes to say, Americans are stuck on stupid.  Permit me to produce some evidence for you.

Walk into any high school in America and start a discussion as to whether or not Bruce Jenner is a man or a woman.  You are guaranteed to leave the classroom with your head spinning as those soon-heading-to-college skulls full of mush deny DNA evidence and build their argument around “feelings.”

Try talking to the average “Joe” on the streets about abortion.  No matter how much evidence you produce regarding the FACT that a baby is fully human at the moment of conception you will find yourself in an ancillary debate on whether or not a woman has a “right” to kill her unborn offspring. 

The Left loves to use the term “unsettled science” as if science sometimes is inaccurate even though they will never apply such scrutiny to evolution, or “climate change” (as if the climate isn’t constantly changing.)

Our education system is designed to make us more stupid through miss education.  Fake information.  Fake science.  Fake experts.  Fake facts.  Fake diplomas.  In fact, parents pay hefty amounts of money to send their children to university where the “dumbing up” becomes even worse. 

Hey folks.  MASKS DON”T WORK.  Watch this.  Millions of Americans are wearing them despite the science.  You can’t argue with stupid.

Just spend 15 minutes watching any “news” program and the “experts” will have you walking in an “educational stupor” before the first commercial break

Joe Friday’s lament “just the facts” has been changed to “hide the facts” in today’s rapidly stupidfication of America where emotions and feeling rule the day.  I guess the Bible calls us sheep for a reason.

But this whole plandemic has taken American stupidity to a whole new level.  I am sorry if what I am about to say hurts your feelings, but the truth is, the biggest hoax in American history has just been perpetrated on America.  The deception is so bad that it has infected the elderly the worst.  If our Senior citizens have lost their ability to reason we have to wonder if there is any hope for America.

Our entire country has been locked down by a cadre of “experts” who, no doubt, have PhD’s from some glamorous university somewhere in the halls of Holy Academia. 

“Trust us”, they say.  “We have the propagandized data to prove that we are right.”  So we trust them.  Day after day, hour after hour, the talking heads spew fear and calamity and the next thing you know you watch your neighbor leave his house, wearing a mask as he takes his two dogs for a walk in the bright sun shine. 

The only bright light in this whole staged action movie is the fact that, hopefully, America will never be “normal” again.

America is sick.  America hasn’t been normal for quite some time.  Perhaps the “new normal” can be an America where the masses aren’t controlled by the hand-picked “experts” who are given a platform to advance an agenda that has brought us to the precipice of insanity. 

How did we ever reach the point in this nation where seemingly “normal” people wear a mask, pray for the day where they can take a government-mandated injection, willingly go broke, and dutifully close down our houses of prayer?  What caused Americans to be so stupid that they would permit the “experts” the “right” to ruin their lives as they claimed to be saving their lives?  This is the same batch of egg-heads that say an unborn baby isn’t human and that there is a spectrum of sexual behaviors that are patently abnormal.

Stupid is more dangerous than malice.  Stupidity is a choice.  It involves rejecting the obvious.  A stupid person reaches a decision by ignoring the facts.

Will America ever be sane again?  Not as long as we are stuck on stupid.

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