By Dave Daubenmire

I do my best to write a weekly column that gets circulated around the world via the internet.  I am especially thankful to News With Views for faithfully publishing my thoughts without censorship.

There are many things I could write about…all you have to do is stick your head out of the window and you can come up with a topic worthy of discussion.  But getting thoughts on paper in an organized manner is not as easy as it might seem.  The trick to it is writing in such a way that they reader can follow the line of reasoning.

That makes it difficult because Americans are rapidly losing the ability to reason…think logically…rather than simply regurgitating some bilge that they heard someone else spit out.  Thinking for oneself has become a lost art.

Today I would simply like to make YOU think.  Rather than ME telling you WHAT to think, I would like to simply encourage you to think on your own.  That was how Jesus taught.  He simply asked questions.  Rather than telling us what HE thought He chose to engage others in the thought process.  Often one stumbles upon the TRUTH if forced to defend the position that he/she claims to believe.

Teaching others HOW to think is far more useful than teaching them WHAT to think.  I often post them as Memes…or when trying to destroy an argument.  No one wants to look dumb.

So here are some random thoughts to stir the thinking process today.

  • Secular Humanism is a religion. It is the religion of the American government. I thought there was a separation between religion and government?
  • If rape and incest were criminalized would abortions still be necessary?
  • If an unborn baby isn’t alive, why do they have to kill it?
  • If there was a law against telling lies, would lying still be a problem in the world?
  • Would making laws against stealing stop people from stealing?
  • Would making more laws against shooting people with guns stop people from shooting one another?
  • America hasn’t been the same since women were encouraged to act like men and men were encouraged to act like women.
  • On Memorial Day I thought of the heroes at Normandy Beach not George Floyd. Does that make me racist?
  • Does mind control ultimately lead to government control?
  • Is there such a thing as a good education without Biblical morality?
  • “Take their guns” becomes “give them the jab!” Why can’t people connect the dots?
  • I guess it is legal to pray FOR the schools just not IN the schools. Do I have this right? Is it legal for God to HEAR the prayers prayed in government schools?
  • Perhaps gun control could start with not arming the Taliban with American weapons.
  • Over 2200 future school age children died from abortion today. Multiple assassins.
  • Which is more dangerous, a gun or a jab?
  • When JFK was murdered why did no one blame the rifle?
  • Hey pro-aborts. How about tax-funded ADOPTION? Planning parents for unwanted babies. You in?
  • The LEFTIES tell us that we will have abortions even if they are outlawed. Why do they think eliminating guns will end gun violence?  Killers gonna kill.
  • What is one human life worth? How much would you sell your life for? How about a child’s…born or unborn?  Shouldn’t we ask the child?
  • Inconvenient pregnancy is the most common defense for murder.
  • Abortion is bullying…big folks picking on little folks.
  • Why don’t we demand that all mail-in and early votes be counted BEFORE the election ends…not after?
  • Will Biden’s disinformation board be made up of people who think men can get pregnant?
  • All doctors know when life begins. Why doesn’t the AMA speak up and defend the babies by telling the truth?  Let’s follow science not the courts.
  • Don’t ever forget that it is doctors that perform every abortion. Can someone tell me why we are supposed to blindly trust all doctors?
  • How do you explain free money to Ukraine… Free formula to the border…Free crack pipes to Americans?
  • Something is not “legal” just because the government says it is…
  • Government has become organized crime! No different than the mafia. Stealing and  buying off their partners.
  • Pardon me, but who hired Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab? Who voted them into office? Who gave them power?
  • $40 BILLION to Ukraine…but we couldn’t afford $10 billion for a wall on the Southern border.
  • If voting got us into this mess, why do we think voting can get us out of it?
  • Why is everything legal in American schools except Christianity?  Legalize Jesus.
  • Liberals fear guns while unborn babies fear doctors.
  • If a woman can do what she wants with her own body why is prostitution illegal?
  • The child is IN the mother’s body…not part of her body.
  • Do women really not know how to keep from getting pregnant? I thought that was why they wanted Sex Ed in schools.
  • Being stupid and doing stupid things should hurt.
  • Is it just me or does it seem as if every headache I have is in someway connect to the government?
  • Why are private groups investigating election fraud and the government is not?
  • When was the last war that Americans fought to defend Americans?
  • Those who attended Jan 6 protests deserve jail while those who burned American cities are victims and have a right to riot.
  • The Borders of Ukraine need defended while ours are wide open.
  • Would a committed atheist send his/her child to a Christian school?  Why do Christians send their children to Humanistic schools?

Have fun pondering those.  More to come later.  Thinking is encouraged.  Comments welcome.

By Coach Dave Daubenmire