By Dave Daubenmire

They have lied to us. Our government I am speaking about.

The government-media complex is one of the most wicked partnerships in the history of this nation.

Lie. That is all that they do. They have seized the levers of power and all they do is lie to advance their Luciferian agenda.

They hide the Truth. Censor the Truth. Deny the Truth. Ignore the Truth. Their father is a liar and they are doing his handiwork.

America is a nation under siege. The enemies are within the gates. They occupy the positions of power throughout every area of this nation. The Media. Education. Entertainment. Medicine. Religion.

Lies rule the day. The bigger the lie the more convincing it is. Government would never harm you. Science is honest. Education is moral. Churches are apolitical. Lies. All lies.

Churches are bought. Pulpits have been pilfered. Pastors are cowardly. The Bible calls them “ignorant…dumb dogs…afraid to bark…loving to slumber…greedy dogs…”

I’m sick of it. You should be too.

But you listen to the boys on TV. They call themselves “conservatives” yet they hide the Truth. They talk about Jan 6 as an “insurrection” as if 2 million men and women marching on Washington is some kind of crime. They poison your brain. They tell you there is nothing wrong…that it is all in your head. That you are a conspiracy theorist…that the pharmaceutical companies can be trusted.

Prices are sky-rocketing…fuel is off the charts…shelves are thinning…Build Back Better is the way forward. Fake News. Fake Genders. Fake Conservatives.

They are poisoning the mind of your children. Perverts are trolling for your children in public schools. You wink and nod as they explain their sexual perversion is normal. You are the screwed up one. You are the bigot. You are the hate monger as they cram debauchery into the minds of our young children.

I could go on. Lies are everywhere you look and the church won’t even stand up and fight for Truth. Accepting perversion is “loving” as they deviants judge you for judging them.

Divide and conquer is the oldest trick in the book. They shut down the churches. They told you to stay at home. They destroyed small businesses while Big Box stores thrived. You took the jab. You gave it to your children. Now they are sick. Many are dying. Most are damaged. It is only the beginning.

Biden was never elected. Use your damn brain. It has all been a sham.

They told us they were going to do it. We didn’t believe them. We trusted our “elected” officials even though many of them were never elected. We looked the other way. We cowered in fear…still do…afraid that one of your friends might call you a name.

Pussies. Cowards. Idiots. Fools. What name would you use for the average American?

Your prissy pastor…if you still go to church…hides behind the pulpit while evil flourishes right outside the door. He (or she…not much difference) won’t mix the “sacred with the secular” or mix “religion and politics” as the Devil eats our children. We were warned.

The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” Are there any good men anymore? How do you recognize them? Where do you find them? Do good men EVER push back? How did the average American male become so womanly?

Womanly. We have a Supreme Court justice who cannot define woman. She, a woman, either lied or is ignorant. Both should disqualify her. We appoint “crossdressers” to the highest offices in the land. We act as if this behavior is normal.

They are sick. No wait…WE ARE SICK. We let them eat us alive. We cower in the corner afraid to defend Truth. They destroy everything that is good. We applaud their debauchery. We know the Truth but refuse to defend it. We fold easier than a grandmother’s bra.

We are pansies. Christian men are effeminate and cowardly. Hooked on porn and sports…unwilling to defend their faith and their family. Living by lies. Trump is coming back. Everything is going to be fine!

Fools. Damn fools. Dumb dogs. Afraid to bark.

I’m going to give you an opportunity to get involved. A chance to awaken your friends.

They lied to us about Jan 6th. It was a GOVERNMENT insurrection against the people. Over 75% of those currently locked in jail in Washington DC are veterans. Maybe you need to read that again. VETERANS are locked up in DC for peacefully demanding a redress of a stolen election. Over 18 months in jail for simply exercising their God-given right to question their government.

Your government wants you dead. Can’t you see it? Luciferians are running the show.

Watch this documentary. Bloody Hill. SHARE it. YOU MUST SHARE IT with your friends. Let your fellow Americans SEE what was done to God-fearing Americans. Veterans. Those who fought for our freedoms…now locked in the Government Gulag.

Watch it and share it. Grow a pair. Stand up and fight, damnit!!

Your grandkids are counting on you.

Woof! Woof!!