By Dave Daubenmire

Every believer who claims Christ as King is a member of the fellowship of the Saints. Churches, especially denominations, are the invention of men.

Remember 2nd grade math when you first learned to do long division? Swim back in your mind and the lessons will surface…numerator is the number to be divided…and denominator is the number by which the whole is split up. Hence, 21 (numerator) divided by 7 (denominator) equals 3 (quotient).

The Body of Christ has been divided for so long we think it is normal. If you ask the average Christian what religion he/she belongs to the answer is always a denomination. “Baptist. Lutheran. Catholic.” You get the point. Christians identify by what divides us…not by what we have in common.

No wonder the organized Left is so effective at moving the ball down the field. Our team doesn’t even huddle together.

I don’t know if you have noticed but the LGBTQ camp is a well-oiled machine. They huddle together. They fight together. They defend one another. The latest statistics, if you want to believe them, state that sexual deviants make up 7% of the American populace yet the are ram-rodding their agenda down the throats of Christians.

They have wiggled their way into the curriculum of America’s schools, created their own flag, won the favor of the SCOTUS, and have an entire month dedicated to the “celebration” of their deviant lifestyle. (Does anyone remember the time when they just wanted to be ACCEPTED?) Now they demand SPECIAL rights and require us normies to honor and respect what they should be ashamed of.

As many of you know I head up a ministry. It is not a church, because WE are the church. For the past 20 years our ministry has been frontline, boots-on-the-ground, attempting to expand the Gospel of the Kingdom of God. We are a street ministry. We actually DO things.

We have taken mission trips to Hillary’s House. We visited the homes of Obama, and Biden, and Bill Barr. We attend Pride events…minister outside of abortion mills…make our voices heard at local school board meetings…provide relief during hurricanes, floods, and tornadoes. We are a modern-day Book of Acts ministry, training, equipping, and mobilizing others to do the same. And YES, we were part of the Jan. 6th celebration of Liberty.

We do more than pray. We pray and ACT. Prayer without action is like a shower without water. We believe in engaging the enemy.

We partner with other ministries. You have no idea how unusual that is. Heck, most pastors in local “churches” don’t even know each other. They view one another as competitors. Meanwhile, the Devil and his minions are bosom buds…doing all they can to overthrow the Kingdom of God. We could learn a thing or two from the unity of those on Team Satan.


One of the ministries we partner with is the Natural Family Foundation. This organization, lead by JR Harrison, is doing all that they can to advance the cause of the NATURAL FAMILY. You remember what one of those looks like don’t you? According to their website the Natural Family “consists solely of: one biological born man and one biological born woman committed in a lifelong monogamous relationship to include their biological and or adopted children.”

Pretty radical, eh? Wonder if they teach that in America’s Government schools…?

Notice that the emphasis is on NATURAL rather than TRADITIONAL. Natural things never change…traditional things are in a constant state of flux. What will a “traditional” family look like fifty years from now?

We are partnering with Mr. Harrison’s organization with the help and assistance of another organization The Liberty Action Network, which has as it’s focus the organization of ACTION and the unification of effort in attempt to get us to PLAY AS A TEAM! “Liberty Mel” heads up LAN. We launched this week a vision to elbow our way in for a seat at the table by getting the authorities in our cities, eventually our States, followed by the Federal Government to declare a national observance of NATURAL FAMILY MONTH. Although we are late out of the gate this year, we are committed to next year having Mother’s Day through Father’s Day officially become NATURAL FAMILY MONTH. Let’s celebrate what has always been the foundation of American society…the intact, natural nuclear family!

Here is where you can help us. Visit the website by clicking HERE and follow the 3 easy steps with the links provided.

  1. Sign the pledge. Numbers matter. No commitment, just agreement with the pledge.
  2. Share with others.
  3. Print and share the flier with your friends and Pastor.

This is our initial launch of what we believe can be a NATIONAL movement. All we are asking is for our place at the table…recognition that the NATURAL FAMILY is the foundation of American society. Gay Pride MONTH? OK. But we would like OUR FAMILY represented as well. Shouldn’t we HONOR the family done God’s way? Isn’t diversity to be celebrated? Doesn’t the NATURAL FAMILY deserve a month as well?

You can support our efforts financially here. Budweiser, TARGET and many other Companies support the PRIDE agenda. Why not support us as well?

Links to Fliers, streets signs are available on the website. Put a sign in your yard. Share the flier with your neighbors. Let’s Stand up for the Family…done God’s way…naturally!



We are starting small. But let’s do BIG things!! Please help us move the ball down the field!!