By Coach Dave Daubenmire

Right out of the box I want to give credit to Mike Adams, The Health Ranger, for the inspiration of this commentary. I suggest that you all take the time to watch this short video of Mike. For those of you who may not be aware, Mike has launched the new steaming network Brighteon where I have the honor of hosting a live show on Mondays at 11:00 am EDT. There is NO CENSORSHIP on this network.

We are warned in God’s Word that “we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but principalities and powers…” and to be honest, most Christians do not have any idea what that truly means. For the most part, we are taught in our churches that there is a Devil, the Adversary, and that he actively opposes the Will of God.

There really is a conspiracy going on in this world, but it is not the conspiracy that the media and their acolytes would like you to believe. Psalm 2 describes them as “the Kings of this world” and that they “conspire against the Lord and His anointed…” Read it for yourself here. There is a conspiracy all right, and it is more than just a theory. Satan and his minions work full time to undermine the authority of Jesus in this natural world.

The Devil and his team have three weapons than they are masters at wielding, LIES, DECEPTION, and FEAR, Oh My! Those are the weapons that he uses to DECEIVE the world. The world consists of people. Satan does deceive the globe…the world…but the PEOPLE of the world. It is an on-going war launched in the Garden of Eden.

The war is for dominion, control, of the world. The battleground is the mind. Men are the target, and human souls are the prize. Until we understand that truism, we will never understand the battlefield. Jesus is the TRUTH and Satan is the Father of Lies. You cannot serve both.

That is why it is called “spiritual warfare” because it is not a war of natural means. The slogan of Satanism is As Above, So Below, meaning whoever controls the Spiritual realm controls the world. The NATURAL world. The one that human beings occupy.

The initial battle is over the thoughts of men. That is why Jesus warned us to “take captive EVERY THOUGHT…” All bad thinking leads to bad results. Lies bring bondage and Truth brings freedom. All behavior begins as a thought…

That’s why you have a conscience. God gave it to us as bumpers in the ditch, the means to which we bounce back on track before yielding to some crazy thought. Our conscience is our mental immune system…it protects us from the deception of the Wicked One. Satan loves to destroy our conscience. He does it by lying to us…planting thoughts in our mind…designed to run us into the ditches of life.

If you cannot control your thoughts, you will never control your actions. Thoughts are the fuel that propel behavior. “The Devil made me do it”, Flip Wilson used to say. But even that is a half-truth. The Devil TOLD you to do it…planted the thought. YOU are the one who did it.

Jesus, and His Word, are the off-ramp of the highway to hell.

I pray you follow what you just read. Some will get it…some will not. I did my best to explain.

The Bible talks about having the “mind of Christ” which simply means that you can recognize Truth from deception. You think like Jesus and are not so easily trapped by the “wiles of the Devil.” Lies, deception, and fear, Oh My. (Sorta reminds you of The Wizard of Oz, doesn’t it.)

One of the techniques of Satan and his minions is the casting of spells. It is a real thing. Just do a quick internet search and you will find a plethora of information on the common practice of spell casting by those who are connected to the occult. The occult is real. The Devil is real. Spells are real.

Could it be that millions of Americans are under a spell…tied up in a mental prison? Has there ever been a time in America when confusion has so reigned? How has a formerly Christian nation lost our ability to recognize Truth? Bruce Jenner is a woman? Huh? Masks protect against Covid? Huh? Marriage is old fashioned. Huh? Can’t you see the foolishness of what people claim to believe?

Could it be that they are SPELLBOUND? Wrapped up in a web of lies and deception, designed by the Evil One to keep individuals from recognizing and FOLLOWING the Truth? Can’t you see it in the daily chants of the media pumped into the minds of men 24/7?

Russia, Russia, Russia…Covid, Covid, Covid…Tranny, Tranny, Tranny…Racist, Racist, Racist, Gay, Gay, Gay…Global Warming, Global Warming, Global Warming, Insurrection, Insurrection, Insurrection, Hate, Hate, Hate. Be honest now…do you find yourself repeating the same chants?

Watch this 2 minutes of organized chanting. All designed to cast a mental spell over the minds of the masses. They call it programming for a reason.

Our food is fake, news is fake, science is fake, medicine is fake, actors are fake, politicians are fake, money is fake, churches are fake.

What is the solution? Simple. Jesus told us that “we shall know the Truth and the TRUTH shall make us free.” There is no freedom in lies. Lies lead to bondage. Americans are hooked on lies. They are the opposite of WOKE. They are asleep in the lies…spellbound by deception, incapable of recognizing and obeying the TRUTH.

Wanna be free America? Only a return to knowing, speaking, teaching, and obeying the Truth will set us free from the spell that has been cast over the minds of the people in this nation. Lies may make you feel better…for a while…but we all know what the road to hell is paved with, don’t we?

Republicans will not save this nation. Democrats will not save us either. As long as we are content with telling and teaching lies, we will never escape out of “the snare of the Devil”

Here is the good news. Millions are awakening every day. They are “casting down imaginations.” Imaginations are images in the mind…planted by the Dark Army…warring against THE TRUTH.

Lions and tigers and bears are simply synonyms for lies, deception, and fear. Our job is to SPEAK THE TRUTH. It is the only thing that will overcome the spell that has been cast over America.

Pay attention to the man behind the curtain!