By Coach Dave Daubenmire

Note: I pray this commentary does not come across as self-serving. It is not my intention. I have been writing a weekly commentary since 2002. I do not get paid. I appreciate the platform that News With Views has given me over the years. I enjoy reading the emails that readers send me. It motivates me to do more.

We will never be successful in the cultural war because THE LEFT gives money to CAUSES, while Christians give money to CHURCHES.”

That profound statement was uttered to me by my buddy Mark Harrington 20 years ago. Mark is the founder of Created Equal a pro-baby organization that trains young men and women how to wage the war for the life of the pre-born child.

It was 2003 and I had just launched PASS THE SALT MINISTRIES after being run out of public education by the God-hating ACLU and their Demonic supporters for “mixing religion with coaching.” Maybe some day I will have the time to tell you the story of how God used the ACLU to dynamite me out of coaching high school football into the role of “coaching the church” on how to be the Salt of the earth.

It must be the largest mistake that the ACLU has ever made. My going “full speed” into the cultural war has caused them headaches ever since. Today, I Coach Christians how to fight.

My initial reaction to the attacks on MY FREE EXERCISE of my faith was to launch an information blitzkrieg through the local churches. Surely, if they understood what was going on in America in regards to anti-Christian court rulings, the pastors would get involved and help push-back against these emissaries of hell.

It was to my great disappointment to learn that most pastors “did not want to get involved” as prayer was stripped from the football field. The issue was “political” and they were not “permitted” to “politicize the pulpit.”

I was naïve at the time and thought that they would be eager to help fight the Secularists who were trampling the “salt under the foot of man.” It was then that I decided to launch my own battle for my God-given right to freely exercise my faith. I have been faithfully fighting that battle for over 20 years.

Just this week a friend of mine forwarded to me the financials from his local church that had recently been shared with the congregation. Remember what my friend Mark said regarding Christians and their money…

From the hand out shared by the board…2022 Fiscal Numbers:

Tithes and Offerings $1,506,111

First Fruits $ 374,781

Rentals $ 330,848

Missions and Alms $ 53,934

Total Income $2,265,674


Personnel and staff $ 786,210

Ministry Departments $ 638,374

Facilities $ 257,775

Savings/Building Fund $ 201,704

Missions and Alms $ 157,714

Expenses $2,041,777

So…this business…ahem…church…which is called to be the salt of the earth and the light of the world took in over 2 MILLION dollars and distributed OUTSIDE of the church exactly $157,754. That is less than 1% of church funds leaving the church.

Meanwhile, all of Team Lucifer is collecting money and funding the cultural war. Drag shows, gay parades, BLM, ACLU, Budweiser, government grants, union dues…all going to fund CAUSES…as the church sucks up all of the funding of the good guys. Occasionally, a Christian may throw a few bucks to the REPUBLICANS, hoping they will pick up the Christian causes, but look where that has gotten us.

Do you think the church that you attend has a better record than the example above? Is your church funding Christian missionaries TO AMERICA…those fighting the cultural wars…rescuing babies…fighting LGBT indoctrination…? Money controls politics but money controls religion as well. The church barometer is the offering plate.

Speaking the Truth is tough business. Both Jesus and his cousin John the Baptizer confronted the political leaders of their day. It cost both their lives.

I often hear Pastors say “Jesus didn’t get involved in politics.” That shows their complete ignorance. Jesus never confronted the Roman authorities because, as He told Pilate, “You have NO AUTHORITY over me.” Jesus was not a Roman.

But the Sanhedrin, the Pharisees and the Sadducees DID have authority over the Jewish people and Jesus took them to the woodshed more than once. The CHURCH then turned to the Romans to do their dirty work.

To the Left, THEIR CAUSE IS their religion. They give to organizations that advance their beliefs. Christians give to churches where the light is smothered under a bushel. No wonder Satan and his minions own the Government. No wonder Jesus is illegal in the public square.

A friend of mine went to his pastor and asked him why he did not educate the congregation on the great issues of the day. The Pastor replied “I tell them to read the Bible. It explains how to vote.”


Another friend went to his pastor and asked the same question. The pastor did not know what to say. My friend suggested they start a voluntary class to educate and inform the congregation on the moral crisis and how Christians should respond.

The Pastor bit on the idea. The class is growing. Christians are waking up to their cultural responsibility. Perhaps you could do the same.

Here is a list of the world’s richest pastors. Million-dollar pastors…is that even Biblical? Riches make one soft. Soft men do not fight. The American church is soft.

Here is a suggestion. Find a ministry that is fighting in the culture war. Support them financially. Street fighters need our support. They have no congregation and they certainly are not getting rich. Stop funding million-dollar ministries.

Check us out at Pass The Salt Ministries. We are street fighters. We teach others how to fight. We put boots on the ground. We do not lick the boots of the Luciferians. We have a powerful daily broadcast where we train and equip Christians. The podcast is free.

I would be honored to come and visit your church and give y’all a kick in the butt. No fee. Just expenses. The Church must engage in the battle. Contact me Your church will never be the same.

You can donate here. We pick up where the church left off. Help us fight while we still can.