A Man After God’s Own Heart, Judge Roy Moore

Dec 12, 2017 | 0 comments

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Listen folks, Judge Roy Moore is infiltrating an ungodly system. What does that mean? Well guess what, that means there is an aspect of being, “Wise as a serpent” in this situation. Do you really think, if it’s even true, that Roy Moore should come clean, RIGHT NOW, about anything he may have done 40 years ago? Seriously?

I have followed Judge Moore for 15 years, and he is God’s first draft pick for any government position. Judge Moore is a righteous, God-fearing man, and Christians are throwing him to the wolves. How stupid are we?

All you need to do is WATCH ANY OF HIS SPEECHES, or look at ANY PERIOD OF HIS RECENT HISTORY, to figure out the man is after God’s heart. He has lost TWO jobs by standing for Christ. How many jobs have you lost by standing for your faith? Get real people.

Judge Moore is the best thing to happen to our government in a long, long time. He IS a brother in Christ, and if there is anything wrong with him, it should be dealt with in the house of God, not in the public arena.

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