A Spiritual Storm is Raging in America

Jan 12, 2018 | 0 comments

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They keep us too busy to do anything. Americans have become some busy they are no earthly good. We don’t have time to do our own research. We don’t have time do anything other than necessities. Find ways to slow down, do some research, and pull the blinders off.

The spirit of our times is that of liberty without morals. America has become a monster of decadence, debauchery, and wickedness. This is what happens when you have “freedom” without any moral restraint. The truest example of what is to come is the French Revolution.

The French Revolution was a wicked revolution. They murdered hundreds of thousands of people. Killed tens of thousands of priests and Christian pastors. The revolution was openly ant-Christian and secular. They never were able to create their utopia, and only ended up murdering thousands of people. They became completely debaucherous and wickedness spilled over into the streets.

Listen folks, we are living under the same spirit in America. We are not very different from the French Revolutionaries.

Donald Trump is destroying the Swamp. It’s worth saying again. DONALD TRUMP IS DESTROYING THE SWAMP. He is working through executive order and military action to gather intelligence and destroy the wickedness in government. He is doing it and nobody even knows it. The man is a genius.

Wake up folks, Donald Trump is fighting the war the church SHOULD be fighting. The Church needs to support The Don. He is fighting the good fight, and we must support him in it.

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