America is a Kindergarten Run by Women

Mar 27, 2018 | 0 comments

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Pray for Rusty Thomas’ son, Jeremiah. He has bone cancer, and other cancers in his chest. Please keep him in your prayers, he is a great warrior for Christ.

Prayer has power folks. We don’t believe it as Christians. We go through the motions, but we don’t believe the power of God in the physical realm. We sorely need more Faith in American Christianity. We need to believe in the real power Christ has given us. He has given it to us, and we need to exercise out our Faith.

America is degenerate. CNN had a porn star on live tv, and asked her if she used a condom while having sex with the President of the United States. Are you serious? What are we doing?

The Bible says it. You are under judgment when you are ruled by women and children. Our nation is ruled by women and children, just look at the gun control debate. We are being ruled by emotions, and that means by women and children.

Everything is upside down, what you can do is fix your own thinking, and stop claiming a monopoly on all knowledge. Straighten yourself out first, and everything else follows.

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