Are You On God’s Team? | Pass the Salt Live | 12.11.2017

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Listen folks, conservative is not Christian. Conservativism is pretend salt. It means nothing in the face of the truth of Christ. The satanic left is just as happy with conservatives as they are with their satanic kinsmen. They aren’t any different. It’s not about being “conservative” it’s about being Christian.

The homos are science deniers. Clearly, it is a destructive, unhealthy lifestyle. According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control) that 70% of new HIV infections are from Gay and Bisexual men. Here’s the kicker, they account for 2% of the population. 2% of the population has 70% of the HIV. Healthy lifestyle? Perfectly acceptable? Really? How stupid are we?

Told you so. Guess where all these “sexual assault” allegations are leading? That’s right, Trump’s doorstep. Now they are trying to take down trump with the same thing the luciferian left has been spewing about Roy Moore, and their own team. Open your eyes folks. They soften you open, then serve you the main course, and you don’t even know what happened.

There are two teams in this game of life. There is God’s team and then everyone else. It’s pretty simple, but we still screw it up. God does not love everyone. He has a general concern and goodwill towards the world, but he does not love the world like he loves his family. If you have been adopted into the Kingdom of God, then you are loved DIFFERENTLY than the world. God does not love everyone.

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