Be the Father of Your Family

Mar 7, 2018 | 0 comments

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We have got to start spending time with our Grandchildren. They are not getting the example at school. They are not getting the example at home. They are not getting the example at church. They are not getting the example in movies. THEY ARE NOT GETTING A CHRISTIAN EXAMPLE ANYWHERE. You have got to stand up and get involved with your grandchildren. It’s the only chance they’ll have to hear the truth.

The generational learning of families has been destroyed by the public school. We are supposed to work together, learn together, as FAMILIES. School fits itself in between the family unit, and tears it apart. Schools completely shred our families, morals, and faith. Get your kids out of school. GET YOUR KIDS OUT OF PUBLIC SCHOOL. GET YOUR KIDS OUT OF PUBLIC SCHOOL. GET YOUR GRANDKIDS OUT OF PUBLIC SCHOOL.

What is your line in the sand? Is it really just guns? Our line in the sand is guns? The mental health of our children, no line there. The health of mothers and babies and abortion? No line there. The corruption in government offices? No line there. Seriously?

The second amendment should be a line in the sand, ALONG WITH ALL THE OTHER AMENDMENTS AND MORALS OF OUR NATION. WE HAVE GOT TO PUSH BACK AND MAKE SOME NEW LINES. Staying on the defensive has got us where we are. We must get on the offense and start TAKING BACK GROUND from the insane, satanic, luciferian left.

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