Call it What it Is

May 9, 2018 | 0 comments

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Regarding yesterday’s elections: We need to reclaim our government. But can we do it politically? Do Christians really want moral representatives? Or are they comfortable with pro-abortion, pro-fornication candidates? The country won’t change until the people change.

Call it what it is. People have bought into lies in part because the definitions of words keep changing. How many words can you think of, whose definitions have been changed over the last 50 years? And how many words have actually been made up in the last century, to undermine morality and legalize deviant behavior? ACTION ITEM: Check out Webster’s 1828 dictionary and type in some modern words…are they there?

The Hidden Holocaust: 12.7 million Christians murdered by the USSR. And it’s still happening, today! Are Syrian Christians being killed by the US ally, Israel? And yet Christians in the West support Israel. No wonder people are confused. Will the real Jesus please stand up?

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