Church in Full-blown Desertion

Trip to Chappaqua coming up in just a few days.

I appreciate soldiers and Marines who have sacrificed. Now, we have an opportunity to fight. Too many people love their lives and their campers more than they love fighting for righteousness.

Violence is at our door. Better to have the old guys fight and die than the young guys. What have we old timers got to lose?

Even if Donald Trump gets re-elected, we only have five more years with him. People criticize him, but he’s a lot less evil than what’s coming after him.

The Lord is waiting for the Church to rise up. Rise up, oh men of God.  The church’s strength is unequal to the talk.

Rise up oh men of God.

The Church is in full blown desertion.

We can pray to end abortion. But then we need to go work to end it! We can pray for evil to be stopped. But then we have to make it happen. Stand up against the enemy. Fight. God is looking for a few good men, just like Gideon.

God works through people. Go. Be obedient. Watch God work.

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