Does God Hate?

God is love. Yes, He sent His son because of our sin. He wants us to be redeemed. But if we don’t choose to repent, receive forgiveness and love Jesus, we are going to hell, to be separated from God forever.

The love of God that justifies sinners is not extended to everyone, only to those who have faith in Jesus Christ. The love of God that brings people into intimacy with Himself is not extended to everyone, only to those who love the Son of God.

If you have no remorse, the judge won’t show mercy to you. God will not have mercy on a sinner who is not repentant.

If God just “loves everybody” in their sin, they think they don’t have to repent. They think they’re just good because God loves them as they are – arrogant, rebellious, and unrepentant.

God loves mankind, but He cannot be unholy or hang out with unholy. He will not “save” you if you don’t repent.

You cannot be in sin and be in right relationship with God at the same time. God hates sin.

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