1. All Hands on Deck this coming weekend, June 13-16th. Thornville, Ohio. Email ptsalt@gmail.com for details. Visit coachdavelive.com/events for more.
  2. We’ll be at a “gay” pride parade this weekend, standing for and sharing truth. I feel empathy for the sodomites who are destroying their lives. One on one I have great empathy, but as a movement which is destroying our culture, I am compelled to fight against this deathstyle. Those willingly flaunting this sin are enemies of God. Any deviant behavior can be like smoking crack the first time. Something evil enters, and only a miraculous move of God can change the person after that.  Alcoholics, drug addicts, sodomites…If they had not done it in the first place, they wouldn’t be hooked on it. Psalm 68 – rescue the perishing because they are enemies of God. Instead, churches today are welcoming in the enemies of God. Those who refuse to repent, staying in their sin and making excuses for it, are sinners in the hands of an angry God. They’re enemies of God.
  1. Hillary Clinton is guilty. The Republican conservative caucus came out and called for another investigation, a year ago. We don’t know what’s happening behind the scenes with this investigation, but people trying to uncover the truth are mysteriously dying. Is Hillary an enemy of God?

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